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Lose Stubborn Fat

Finally Revealed: The Unique Body System

What if you could turn your Health around and like what you see in the mirror? While also discovering what works best for you!

Your Unique Body And Mind Type

Discover you Unique Body type so you have the upper hand on what works best for YOU. No one size fits all here. Learn what food, exercise  work best for your unique body type.

Stop The Cravings

Love carbs, or maybe you can't seem to stop going to the fridge for a sugary treat. Can't seem to find the consistency or motivation? Based on your unique body and Mind type there are foods that work with and against you. Learn WHAT to do step by step and how to stop your cravings.

Say NO To Diets

Does your lack of energy mean you turn to   processed foods? Have you tried many diets before and nothing seemed to work? Don't have time or energy? Discover the HEALTHY and NATURAL way to lose weight and get more energy.

Do you want more Freedom with your Weight?

Let me ask you a question: 

Have you ever worked on trying to lose weight, where you worked super hard, ate well and when it was all said and done, you didn’t get the results you wanted? 

How did that make you feel? 

It can leave you exhausted, overwhelmed and thinking you want to give up. 

BUT… losing stubborn fat, even when you feel like you don't have time or have a pre-existing condition, is EASY when you know your Unique Body and Mind Type.

So What are you options to getting back into Shape?

How can you lose weight?


Even then in most western models health looks at and treats the symptoms, without looking at the cause. Meaning the cause of the problem continues to grow larger and affect your health in more ways. Not to mention the ongoing cost of consults, tests and medications. 

Fad Diets

Even then these are quick fixes that can not be sustained, or they can cause more damage in the long run. Fad diets often a one size fits all method and do not look at the individual Body and Mind type. Meaning you land back at square one and feel more frustrated than before.

By Yourself

Even then you may not know the step by step way to get back into shape. Meaning you spend more time and money trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Without having a tried and tested method, it can be like walking around in the dark looking for a light switch.


Now Imagine

Liking Your Reflection

It's about looking in the mirror and liking what you see reflected at you (This isn't based on weight).

Having More Freedom

It's feeling less frustrated, as you discover what works for your body. And how you can stop the constant chatter of your mind, so you don't have anything holding you back.

Being Free From FAT

Discover your unique Mind and Body type to unlock what works best for you. So you can set up your Health for 2021. Lose that stubborn FAT that has been hanging on. 

But it gets better.........

2020 was  a challenging year for most people. 

Our views on Health have altered. Where we have had to look at what our Health means to us and our loved ones. Health advice  has now saturated the media, that it has became overwhelming.

It can all but become too much that we give up all together.

How often do you flop on the couch at the end of the day with an exhausted sigh? A chattering mind and feeling like your body is against you?

How often do you catch yourself in the fridge eating, or drinking something that isn't good for your body? Eating or drinking, when you are feeling emotional or triggered by an event?

We all know what it's like: even if you have the best intentions, it's so easy to get distracted and fall off the bandwagon. You come home stressed and overwhelmed and go to the kitchen for one biscuit as a treat. Before you know it you've eaten a whole bag of chips, chocolates and a bottle of wine.

And sometimes, you're too tired or into much pain to bother. You know it's important, but you don't have the energy to do more, so you become disappointed with yourself.

Or you have loved ones that don't understand the journey you are on, and you feel like you are alone?

All these behaviours are understandable: In fact, they're completely normal these days.

But let's be real: If you want to take your health and your weight to the next level, something has to change.

Join Jo Formosa, Clinical director and Co-Owner of Health dynamics 360. For a EXCLUSIVE 1:1 

If you are worried about sitting behind a desk and putting on weight day by day.  Or you have an existing condition that is slowing your metabolism, this is a MUST to help you lose that unwanted or stubborn FAT.

Here's What The Experts Say


Adults Overweight


Children Overweight


Adolescence OverWeight

Human body weight has been increasing worldwide and has tripled since 1975.  With more than 1.9 billion adults over weight, of these 650 million are obese.  38 million children under 5 and 340 million adolescence 5- 19, were over weight or obese. 

Leading to health complications such as: Cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke), which were the leading cause of death in 2012; Diabetes; Musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis). Some cancers (including endometrial, breast, ovarian, prostate, liver, gallbladder, kidney, and colon).

The "journal obesity" published that the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns led to dramatic changes in health behaviours, prompting people around the world to cut back on physical activity and eat more junk foods. It drove anxiety levels higher and disrupted sleep. And those who are obese, who already face increased health risks, may have fared the worst.

Get Back Into Shape Program

Lose Stubborn fat

Learn Your Unique Body and Mind Type.

Learn your body and Mind type combination. So you can start eating, exercising and developing daily habits that WORK. Stop setting yourself up for failure by trying to achieve a health or weight goal that is impossible for your body type to achieve.

Why do you have cravings.

Learn the cause of your weight gain and why you often get cravings you can't resist. So you can discover how you can gain a constant and stable weight that is Healthy for your body type, height and age. This isn't about looking skinny, it's about what is right for your Body type. 

Why it's never just about being FAT.

Learn the CAUSE of your weight gain.  Why you losing or gaining weight could be a symptom of something much more serious. So you can FINALLY start treating the CAUSE not the symptom. Very rarely is it just about weight gain but more about an underlying issue with your health. 

Overwhelm and Stress

Learn why your overwhelm and stress may be  contributing to your weight gain. And what food and exercise may be hindering your weight loss success. So you can get back into shape easily without resistance and frustration. 

Get Back Into Shape Program

Join me as I take you through your OWN personalised Health journey. Discover your  unique Body and Mind type and have your 1:1 consultation with me to find the cause of your Health issues not your just your Symptoms.


You missed out!

$Over 500 OFF the original price

For NEW clients ONLY

Setting up your 2021

  • 1:1 Customised Consultation You very OWN Live 1:1 call with Jo Formosa to diagnose the CAUSE of your Health not the Symptoms.
  • Health Dynamic Test-Take my test to discover your unique Mind and Body Type and what Exercise, food, and more works best with your body.
  • Get Back into Shape Plan-You OWN individualised plan so you can start losing weight and getting back into shape.
  • Impossible to Possible Challenge-Join our 5 day Impossible to possible Challenge. This is all about how you can change your mindset and achieve your impossible goals. Plus 5 days of special guests and resources you can use in your day to day life. 

Join Over 300 Happy Customers

My Weight Is Down 19.5 KG

I have so much more energy and am confident that I can have a healthier life.

After many years, I am below a BMI of 30 at 29.17, so officially not obese!! So many results.

Lost weight, decreased and came off medications, energy is higher, sleep is better, joint pain dramatically became less, the clicks in my hip ( I had a hip replacement in July 2019) aren't as noticeable when I walk.  My ankles and legs no longer swell as much and I don't have to wear compression socks

PETER LYNAGH // CEO & Founder of the Academy for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs Ltd

I am so impressed I got these results....

I have lost 5 kg so far, got a flat stomach now and so much more energy!

I feel like my old self again.  All I did was Listen and didn't exercise intensely, just daily walks and ate for my body type as Jo instructed.


I was 126.5 KG now I'm 97 KG

I have abundant energy, low stress, no cravings, no bowel intolerance, sleep apnoea is gone, joint pain is better, glucose is normal  and my cholesterol is normal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can any age do this program?

YES, it doesn't matter what age you are or gender. This program is designed personally for YOU. We have 80 year olds that are in the best health of their LIFE.

What if I feel healthy already?

The Setting up your 2021 is for anyone on any level of Health. Helping you to get EVEN better results and maintaining these results. Or discovering Health related problems yo may not even know are there.

Why do I need the Health Dynamic test?

The Health Dynamics test is where you will learn about your Unique Mind and Body type in a FULL report. Not only will you discover how your body works and the best methods to get it to optimal health. But also how you mind works, so you can manage Stress and Anxiety.

Will this work for me?

YES, as long as you apply what your doctor advises and purchase any additional herbs. We have hundreds of success stories.

Why is it in USD?

Health Dynamics 360 is a WORLD WIDE company, we have customers all over the globe. To keep this fair we only charge USD. 

What if I'm not good at Facebook or Technology?

We have a dedicated team ready to walk you through the technology side.

I'm in a lot of pain can this help me?

This program is to help ALL individuals regardless of where they are. We have a range of clients in pain and with chronic illnesses, who are now pain FREE. 

What bonuses Do I get?

If you book in the next 12 hours you will get a consult with me worth $250 USD. The Health Dynamic test worth $97 USD and Impossible to Possible challenge Worth $197 USD. All this worth $544 for $97 USD.

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