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7 Hearty Detox Diet Soups

This month is Body Detox month at Back2Health. We’ve also had a lot of interest following Jo Formosa’s appearance on Today Extra where she discussed the virtues of soup to help the detox process. And let’s face it, even if you aren’t detoxing, a nice soup is welcome any time. So if you’re in the mood and would like to […]

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Ayurvedic medicated water

If you could drink a simple, but effective detox tea that clears your body of fake fat, which is really toxins in your lymphatic system, and literally strips centimetres and kilos from your body, would you be interested? Ayurvedic medicated water, or CCF tea, made from coriander, cumin and fennel seeds has been used by Ayurvedic […]

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Why You Need To Be Going To The Toilet Every Day

​Author and scientist Giulia Enders has become renowned for her charming way of talking about the gut, and also promoting the importance of gut health. The 27-year old, who wrote the New York Times best-seller Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, talks in no uncertain terms about the need to be […]

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5 Ways to Energise Your Morning – minus the coffee Health Dynamics

5 Ways to Energise Your Morning – minus the coffee

It’s so easy to hit snooze on those cold, dark mornings when you can’t get out of bed, then trudge into the kitchen for a coffee, or two, before starting the day. Brits alone drink some 70 million cups of coffee everyday – Australians, Americans and Europeans all have a long-standing love-affair with the brew, but […]

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Igniting Your Body Digestives Fire Health Dynamics

Igniting Agni – your body’s digestive fire

The Ayurvedic concept of ‘agni’, or digestive fire, impacts your overall well-being – it’s responsible for the digestion, absorption, assimilation and transformation of food and sensations into energy. A balanced agni is key to living a healthy and fulfilling life. An unstable agni is the root of all disease. It’s really that simple. Agni is the […]

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