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10 opposites critical to good health

In Ayurveda it’s not just what you eat and how you eat, or the activities and lifestyle you are leading, it’s what these qualities are doing to your body.   Each person has their own individual path to health – some people will be fine eating hot foods like ginger and chilli whereas for others these […]

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Pumpkin soup with gluten free bread

Serves 1-2 Ingredients: • ½ tablespoon ghee / safflower / rice bran • ¼ brown onion, finely chopped • ¼ small pumpkin cut into 2-3 cm cubes • 1¼ cups boiling water • Salt & pepper to taste • ¼ teaspoon fresh ginger, finely chopped • ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon • ¼ teaspoon salt • A handful of fresh parsley or coriander, roughly chopped Method: 1. Heat […]

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Yoga poses

Best yoga poses for your body type

Yoga is a great way to calm and strengthen body and mind, but if you haven’t quite gelled with the practice, it may be because you’ve been doing the wrong type of yoga, a style that doesn’t suit your particular body type or constitution. Click here to read more about this from the MindFood magazine.

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Tips to manage different body types in the workplace

Do you have a colleague that can be hot-headed and reactive, maybe even competitive; or an employee, or boss, that tends to become anxious or frustrated if things aren’t going to plan? Each of these corporate character traits are reflective of your individual dosha, or body and mind type. Once you become aware of your […]

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