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Gluten-free bread with avocado

Serves 1 Ingredients: • 1/2 ripe Avocado • 2 slices of Gluten-free bread • Fresh lemon Juice to taste • Fresh cracked black pepper to taste  Method: 1. Halve Avocado and remove seed. 2. Scoop out and roughly fork smash in a bowl. 3. Add lemon juice and black pepper to taste. 4. Place smash equally onto slices of bread. 

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Healthy woman eating healthy food

The 5:2 approach – how to eat the Ayurvedic way

Dr Michael Mosely is renowned for making the 5:2 Diet, or Fast Diet, world famous, but he isn’t the one who came up with this style of eating – his ideas are based around intermittent fasting and Ayurvedic knowledge which dates back 5000 years.  Mosley’s 5:2 diet involves fasting, or restricted calorie intake for two days […]

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