28-Day Detox & Restoration Program – Phase 1

Phase One:

Getting your body ready, Day 1-7

Congratulations on making the decision to join us on this 28 day detox and taking the first step in transforming your health and improving your energy and vitality. The primary focus of this program is going to be on taking care of one of the most fundamental, yet overlooked areas of health - your gut. 

Hippocrates, who is known as the father of modern medicine, was onto something when he said ‘all disease begins in the gut’ - more and more research is revealing the links between the digestive system and chronic illness. The simple fact is, if your digestive system isn’t working optimally it’s very difficult for the rest of the body to compensate. Healing your gut will reverse negative symptoms like fatigue, stubborn weight gain, thinning hair, low libido, irregular periods, gas and bloating, brain fog, aches and pains.

In the next 7 days we will be eliminating, or at least reducing the amount of coffee, sugar, alcohol, wheat, cheese and meat you consume. This will support your gut and gently help your body in the first critical steps of finding its natural balance. During this program you will gain an intimate understanding of your personal Health Dynamics profile, know where you are in the Health Spectrum and also be given all the tools needed to achieve optimum health.

As everyone has a different body type, it’s important that you first learn how to eat according to your individual needs. For some people this will mean you might not eat as many times in the day as you usually do, for others there may be more meals, but they will be smaller in size. What we will be doing is teaching you how to eat according to your individual digestion so you can reset your metabolism and ignite your own body’s innate intelligence.

The focus of the first 7 days is on restoring your agni, or your digestive fire and metabolism. You’re on a detox and with that it requires a few changes, but with such a critical goal like restoring health to your biggest asset - your body - it’s all going to be well worth it.

The program’s format is easy to follow and we have made it convenient for you to orientate yourself around the site. Most of the content for each phase is delivered here and then, commencing on Day One, we’ll be sending daily emails and videos to help keep you on track. You’ll also have the PDF download; our group calls; one-on-one check ins; and the Facebook page to post your updates, questions and successes. 

Our team will be here to hold your hand, and support you all the way through this transformative journey. From your end, it’s critical that you make the commitment now to stick with the 28 day program. It’s important to stay on track, every single day, and avoid letting old habits slip back in. We promise you will start feeling the benefits of this detox within the first 7 days - and the changes you make now, may very well stay with you for the rest of your life.

Please start by watching this video...

Alright, let’s get started! Here is your action plan to prepare you for the first day of this journey.


Step 1 - Begin Stage 1 (Gut Prep) and Stage 2 (Smarter Gut) which is all about how to detox your body in less than 20 minutes. Regardless of when you start your detox we recommend that you do Stage 1 and 2 each day in the meantime. This is fundamental to the success of your gut clearing and is beneficial to do on an ongoing basis. 

Important note - if you do not have Triphala available, it’s fine to do Stage 2 without it, however it is beneficial if you can get hold of it. Try your local Ayurvedic or Asian grocery store, they should have some, or you can, order it via mail from the Back2health clinic in Brisbane

Step 2 - Download and print your first  7-day meal plan and additional material. This will be your ‘food bible’ for the next 7 days and is full of food that’s both delicious and good for you. And here is a shopping list to make it easier to stock up.

Step 3 - Download and become familiar with the Foods to Avoid for Phase One.

Step 4 - Fill in your Food Diary and make sure to do this each day - several times a day is better! It may seem unnecessary but it brings a whole new level of awareness to what you are putting in your body. 

If you don’t feel hungry, at a time where the plan says you are supposed to eat, please skip the meal. Only eat when you’re hungry - just make sure to record when you felt hungry, and ate, in your Food Diary so your practitioner can go over this with you each week.

Step 5 - Start exploring the other introductory videos about Ayurveda that we’ve added to the program . These will give you insights into Ayurveda and a deeper understanding of the principles behind the 28 Day Detox & Restoration Program.

Step 6 - In this program we want you to spend at least 20 minutes practising yoga or brisk walking every day. Just make sure to factor in that time daily.

Step 7 - Download your 28 Day Prescription

Note: We also provide some additional recipes (including different soups) as well as some extra information, which goes into more detail about the program and your health. This is particularly for the benefit of those motivated people in the group who want to make the most of this golden opportunity.

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