28-Day Detox & Restoration Program – Phase 3

Phase Three:

Day 18-28

Congratulations on making it to Phase 3 of this journey, and well done on completing the Phase 2 intensive. You’re past the hardest part of the program now and on the home straight! You will be feeling the positive effects of the first two phases and will likely have mastered the recipes, shopping and routine.

In this phase we work on setting things up to create lasting change, so it’s important to continue allowing your body to heal and anchoring in your new habits.

Ready to get started? Here is your action plan.

STEP 1 - Download and print your 10 Day Detox Meal Plan and list of foods to enjoy and foods to avoid in this phase. This will be your ‘food bible’ for the next 10 days and is full of recipes and food that are both delicious and good for you.

STEP 2 - Download and print your Phase 3 Detox Shopping List and set aside a time to stock up on all the necessities.

STEP 3 - Download and become familiar with the Foods To Avoid for Days 18-28. 

STEP 4 - Download your 28 Day Prescription and prepare for Day 18-28


Following the Stage 1 (Gut Prep) and Stage 2 (Smarter Gut), which is all about how to detox your body in less than 20 minutes. Regardless of when you start or finish your detox we recommend that you do Stage 1 and 2 each day and make it part of your normal daily routine.

Keep filling your Food Diary out each day. Several times a day is even better! It may seem unnecessary but it brings a whole new level of awareness to what you are putting in your body. Sometimes you may not feel hungry, even if the plan says you should eat, don’t feel obliged to do so - writing this down in your diary is a great way to track this. This is  essential to get the best value out of your consultations.

Group calls - If you missed any of the group calls, watch the recordings of them now and post in the group to stay connected and keep up to date with our additional extras.

Once you get through this phase your body and mind will be better equipped to continue on with many of the positive food, diet and lifestyle changes you’ve made while being on the program so far.

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Day Eighteen

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Day Nineteen

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Day Twenty

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Day Twenty One

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Day Twenty Two

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Day Twenty Three

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Day Twenty Four

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Day Twenty Five

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Day Twenty Six

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Day Twenty Seven

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Day Twenty Eight

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Day Twenty Nine - BONUS - Congratulations