28-Day Detox & Restoration Program – Prep Week

Prep Week:

Getting your mind ready

Congratulations and welcome to Prep Week for your 28 Day Detox

Over the course of Prep Week you'll be gently introducing some of the foods and behaviours you'll be needing for the weeks ahead. 

Why Do You Need To Prep For A Detox?

Preparing your body  for a detox is just as important as doing a cleanse itself.  If you already eat clean and healthy, then preparing for a cleanse is fairly easy. And if you don’t already eat clean and healthy, then the prep is even more important.

And it’s not just about following the instructions. Use the content below and the videos on this page to learn as much as you can about the detox process to help you plan to detox your body in a way that is best for you, as well as mentally prepare you for what to expect.  

Please start by watching this video...

Your Prep Week Resources

During Prep Week you don't need to do all the steps or follow all of the guidelines. Many of these steps will be repeated next week as well so it's more about becoming familiar with what you will be doing rather than committing to everything.

Step 1 - Begin Stage 1 (Gut Prep) and Stage 2 (Smarter Gut) which is all about how to detox your body in less than 20 minutes. Regardless of when you start your detox we recommend that you do Stage 1 and 2 each day in the meantime. This is fundamental to the success of your gut clearing and is beneficial to do on an ongoing basis. 

Important note - if you do not have Triphala available, it’s fine to do Stage 2 without it, however it is beneficial if you can get hold of it. Try your local Ayurvedic or Asian grocery store, they should have some, or you can, order it via mail from the Back2health clinic in Brisbane

Step 2 - Download and print your first  7-day meal plan and additional material. This will be your ‘food bible’ once the full program begins and is full of food that’s both delicious and good for you. And here is a shopping list to make it easier to stock up.

Step 3 - Download and become familiar with the Foods to Avoid for Phase One.

Step 4 - Fill in your Food Diary and make an effort to do this each day - several times a day is better! It may seem unnecessary but it brings a whole new level of awareness to what you are putting in your body.

If you don’t feel hungry, at a time where the plan says you are supposed to eat, please skip the meal. Only eat when you’re hungry - just make sure to record when you felt hungry, and ate, in your Food Diary so your practitioner can go over this with you each week.

Step 5 - Start exploring the other introductory videos about Ayurveda that we’ve added to the program . These will give you insights into Ayurveda and a deeper understanding of the principles behind the 28 Day Detox & Restoration Program.

Step 6 - In this program we want you to spend at least 20 minutes practising yoga or brisk walking every day. Just make sure to factor in that time daily.

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Please watch this video below to see me walk through how to use the portal and other logisitical matters for the program.


Check out the FAQS PAGE for all your unanswered questions.