5 Star Health


Day 1

Element : Ether

 Bring the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda Meditation into your home  and discover why vibration energy is important to set yourself up for good health , with calmness in mind you can achieve anything. Ether is called akasha in Sanskrit and provides freedom to move.  However, all empty spaces in our body are connected with the Ether Element. Dr Joshi quotes that the human body is filled up with so much space, that if the space was removed our bodies could fit into a box. 

Sensory: Hearing

Organ: Ears

Action: Speech

Organs: Vocal chords

Sense: sound

Problems Associated with too much Ether:

Problems with ether are associated with the elements that takes up that space.

 Ears and hearing

How To balance Ether: Meditation allows you to restore balance in your body and mind, listen to Dr Joshi's Meditation daily to restore your own balance. Download our Progress Tracker to keep track over the next 5 days of your daily routines and habits. Use this resources beyond the 5 days, so you can see the micro-steps you are making each day.

Meditation by Dr Joshi

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