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Day 2

Element : Air

Bring the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda Breath Work  into your home and discover how it can bring about improvements in emotional state and to decrease levels of stress.   Air represents oxygen, breath, motion, and lightness. It is the Element of Movement,  any time there is motion there is air . This element is present in the respiratory system and nerves, as air is present in the pulsation of the heart and contraction of the lungs.  

Sensory: Tactile

Organ: Skin

Action: Giving and Receiving

Organs: Hands

Sense: Touch

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Problems Associated with too much Air:



Problems with the heart

Digestive System


How To balance Air: Complete the breath work with Dr Joshi below,  or look at our Air book for more Ideas on how you can bring more Balance to the Air element. 

Breath work

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