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Day 4

Element : Water

Bring Ayurveda into your home and discover how to Detox your body for a day, this is where we cleanse, rebalance and restart your body the natural way.  Water is  life and all other elements are governed by it, it carries nutrients  from one part of our body to another. Approximately  90 precent of plasma in our blood is water, making it the element that is vital to our body. Water also governs weight loss and if out of balance makes you retain fluid.

Sensory: Taste

Organ: Tongue

Action: Procreation

Organs: Genitals

Sense: Taste

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Problems Associated with too much Water:

Stomach and digestive problems


When deficient, it can cause

Reproductive Issues

Dry skin

Weight loss

Dry eyes

How To balance Water:  By the time you have a disease which has been given a name and label in Western medicine, you have most likely

missed out on years, even decades, where you could have been treating it, reducing its impact or even possibly preventing it altogether. Cleanse your body  and use FOOD AS MEDICINE with the cooking videos and recipe book below, so you can eat Ayurveda for a day.

Rice Flake Porridge

BuckWheat Pancakes


Moong Bean Soup

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