A 28-day re-set and the transformation you can expect

Tiredness, fatigue, weight gain, sleep issues, thyroid issues, decreased libido, digestive issues, lack of mojo, depression, anxiety, eczema and cravings are all signs that your body is in need of a detox.

The 28 Day Detox & Restoration Program is a turnaround program, designed to take you, and your health, in a new direction. Our first program of the year is underway right now, if you’d like to join our next one starting on the 14th of January, book in early, as it’s filling up fast.  

Clearing out toxins

A big part of this detox is making the colon and lymphatic system more efficient so they can begin to clear out the ama (digestive toxins of unprocessed food and sludge in the system) along the primary detoxification pathways.

To achieve this, you will open up the pathways through the kidneys - you can’t flush out the pipes if they are clogged. You will also be moving things along at a faster rate through the colon while nourishing the garden of your gut flora.

The six tastes

Many Western diets get so caught up in counting calories they often overlook the basic fundamentals of food. In Ayurveda, based on approximately 5000-years of knowledge, weight loss and health goes by tastes rather than numbers. According to this ancient practice there are six tastes (or rasas) – these are sweet, salt, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent.

The six tastes naturally guide us to our individual nutritional needs. To create a healthy, balanced meal, it is necessary to bring each of the six tastes in.

Eating too much of any of the one taste throws your system out of balance. During our detoxes we specifically create meals which incorporate the six tastes.

Eat right for you

Even though you’ll be part of a group (which we have found brings about greater success than doing this alone), we also offer individual, one-on-one assistance with a tweaked program to best suit your individual constitution. Whether you’re vata, pitta or kapha, we can guide you, and help you with adjustments along the way. If you don’t know your body type yet, just take this quick quiz here to find out – we’ll do the rest.

It’s also important that you eat according to your individual needs. For some, this means while you’re detoxing you won’t eat as many times in the day as you usually do, for others there may be more meals, but they will be smaller in size.

How the 28 days are broken down

Phase one, from days one to seven, are all about eliminating toxins from your diet and lifestyle, so your system can prepare for what is to come. To sustain long-lasting vitality the best results are achieved by working with your body.

Phase two, the middle 10 days are the intensive part of the program. During this time the diet is vegetarian, based around foods that balance all body types, and using herbs to further detoxify.

Phase three, which is the last 10 days, is the time to really build on the progress you’ve made on the first two phases. On other programmes, we find that people start off really well, but lose motivation and drive in the latter phases. We will be there to make sure you keep up the momentum, capitalise on your progress and bring about sustained change.  

It’s critical to establish positive habits, to prepare the building blocks to keep your body in the best shape, not only for optimal health, but also to prevent disease in the long run. This final stage is all about learning how to implement the new changes into your life permanently.

What does a detox menu look like?

During the 28-day detox we choose foods and drinks that don’t place an additional load on the organs of elimination. The emphasis is also on highly alkaline foods, which enhances the detoxification and cleansing process.

It’s important that acid-forming foods, such as red meat and dairy, are cut out of the diet during the detox, as well as foods that are hard to digest such as wheat, and those containing additives and preservatives.

Additional herbs to help the detox process

We deliver a complete program of herbs that help utilise the body’s own detox systems — and optimise them. The detoxification process is actually ongoing and through good nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and careful supplementation, we help the body’s detoxification systems run at peak capacity. In turn, as toxins are removed, we feel better and improve our long-term health.

Want to find out more?

We have hundreds of people do this detox from as far away as Bali, the USA, UK and Australia. The results have been phenomenal. Jenny came to me over a year ago with digestive problems, anxiety and stress. She was in overwhelm, lacked drive and lost her vision for the future. That’s all turned around and her life has transformed - she’s sleeping well, eating according to her body type, has the right hormones nourishing her system, feeling more energy and vitality than she had in years and lost 15kg on top of it all.

You can see the results of our other clients after they finish the 28 days here.

The next 28 Day Detox & Restoration Program starts on 14th January 2019.