Happy Healthy Hormones At Any Age

Part #3: Can I Really Balance My Hormones Naturally?

Welcome to the third of our four-part video series on Happy Healthy Hormones At Any Age. if you haven’t watched the first two videos yet, please watch them first before you watch this one…

Can I Really Balance My Hormones Naturally?

One of the things that makes the Health Dynamics approach unique is that we combine ancient health principles with modern testing protocols. 

We use a wide range of tests to help us diagnose conditions and get to the root cause of an issue, and then to evaluate progress as we go.

In the third video of our four-part series, I share some of the technical background behind our approach and some real-life test results that show how we helped a client with a cortisol issue that was wreaking havoc with her body.

You’ll learn more about the relationship between hormones and sleep, pain, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, body weight and more.

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