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How to Avoid a Food Coma at Christmas

With so much great food on offer at this time of the year, it’s easy to go overboard and suffer the effects of a food coma.I’ve put together another quick video showing you what some of the good choices are that you can make to avoid ending up with a belly that feels like it’s […]

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How to Enjoy the Delights of Christmas Without Regrets

The festive season is here, and a lot of us let our guard down at this point and overindulge…I’ve put together a quick video telling you how you can set yourself up to make choices for yourself that still let you enjoy the season, without the aftertaste of ‘regret.’ Enjoy the festive season!! Read the […]

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The secret to improving your health and fighting off disease

The secret to Improving your Health and Fighting off Disease By the time you have a disease which has been given a name and label in Western medicine, you have most likely missed out on years, even decades, where you could have been treating it, reducing its impact or even possibly preventing it altogether. Disease doesn’t […]

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