How to  protect your health and BOOST your Immunity

You can't control the Economic situation but you can control and take CHARGE of your health.

When you have someone in your life that get sick and dies from this thing it creates this level of urgency  of all those things you want to do in your life.

People are always saying to themselves I will take care of my HEALTH SOON when I have more time.  Now the world has given us time.  

COVID-19  Immune Booster package

If you are worried about your health, the time
to ACT is NOW

Now is the time to take action if you are asking any of these questions:

  1.  How can I be in the best health to be proactive, prevention is better than cure
  2.  How can I protect myself  and my family from Viruses and disease?
  3. What steps should I take now in this time of uncertainty?

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About Jo Formosa 

Jo Formosa is an engaging and inspiring corporate health speaker.
She is an experienced practitioner in a number of different traditions including Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, remedial massage and neuro- strategies. 

Aside from helping her clients detox from technology, through a program she notably termed the 5:2 detox (where people are encouraged to limit their exposure to screens for two days a week in order to cut down their   dependence on technology – just like the famous 5:2 diet where you limit calories for two days a week).
She also specialises in treating challenging health conditions such as cancer, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and immune problems.

Jo helps people get back to great health naturally and she also knows first- hand what it’s like to be in ill health, having seriously rupturing a disc in her back while training as a hammer thrower for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Determined to heal the natural way, this changed her life course and she has since helped thousands of people get back to health.
She has been commissioned by multi-million-dollar companies to execute corporate health plans and help employees and executives lead better and healthier lives so they are more productive at work

What you get in the COVID-19 Care Package

When you join this four week program you will get the following

1. 30 Minute Immune Boosting Consult
A personlised call find your unique path to health with one of our Ayurvedic doctors, to discover your step by step path to boosting your immune and creating better health.

2. 3x Immune BOOSTING Herbs
Toxigo: Breaks down toxins and binds them together for you to eliminate. Removes toxins in all channels of the body and brings the body system back to its normal direction of movement. 
Virofight : Has many active ingredients, guduchi extract which improves immune strength increases to 180 times as per research and protects against respiratory issues and Viruses. 
Asthaloc: Works as an expectorant, bronchodilator, and anti-inflammatory.  It decreases mucus (excessive humidity in the body), and heaviness in the lungs, removes toxins and reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract. 

3. Four Weeks of Immune Booster Live Training Master Classes
Three 1 hour LIVE webinars  delivered by Jo Formosa over Three weeks, giving you a step-by-step guide to navigate your own personlised health journey.

4. Health Dynamics Test
Renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner, Jo Formosa, and the founder of the Wealth Dynamics Personality profiling system, Roger James Hamilton, joined forces to create the first and only integrated health and personality test in the world, to reveal to your personal path to total health and prosperity.

5. Health Spectrum Test
Do you know which level of health you are at? When you know which level you are currently living on, the next steps to take become far simpler. Most of us are taking the wrong steps in the wrong order, and that’s why we don’t get the results we are looking for.

6.  The secrets to improving your health and fighting off disease PDF
Discover the secrete to BOOSTING your immune, improving your health and fighting off disease, with practical guides on how while in your own home.

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Who should purchase a COVID-19 Care package

  • If you are worried about your and your families Immune System 
  • If you have or suffer from allergies, skin issues, food intolerances and more 
  • If you have or suffer from chronic forms of illness and pain
  •  If you suffer from low energy levels and fatigue 
  •  If you want to increase their performance and reach optimum levels

Come and have ​your personal consult 

Are you operating at your full potential or do you feel your body hinders you from living life to the fullest? Most people sense that they could enjoy life more if their energy levels were higher, or their pain was less, but finding the right pathway to health  is not easy for them. This happens so often, because what works for some, will not work for others. We are unique and we each need to find our own personal path for success. 

While there are many one-size-fits-all fitness plans and diet books, Health Dynamics is the first system that gives you a personalised path to health based on your unique body type and mind type.  When you have a personal consult with me, you will discover your path, get that snapshot of your health explained so you have the tools and a plan to re-set your body.   

“It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

                                                      - Gandhi

What is a Personal Ayuverda Doctors Consult?

A Personal Consult is a 30min one on one appointment with a Ayurvedic Doctor. Your body tells a story of what imbalances there and the cause of ailment and disease, including the analysis of one’s mental state. Giving the picture of what is happening in your body and organs. You can pinpoint the cause instead of chasing the symptoms. Your treatment process is then specific. For example, if a client has a skin condition, this may be due to, too much dryness, or too much heat or too much mucus – all 3 have a different treatment plan. Ayurveda is known as the science of life, and people come to this medicine when all else has failed.

When you meet Jo and her team of Doctors, and she uses her amazing ability and you will gain valuable insights and information about your specific mind and body type. You will walk away with a new found awareness of your current health condition, she will share various ways you can make changes to best suit you and as you implement them move towards your health goals for 2020.

Jo Formosa as seen in

Dear Health Seeker,

Are you operating at your full potential or do you feel your body hinders you from living your life to the fullest? Most people sense that they could enjoy life more if their energy levels were higher, or their pain was less, but finding the right pathway to health is not easy for them. This is often because what works for some, will not work for others. We are unique and we each need to find our own personal path for success. While there are many fitness plans and diet books which claim to be a “one size fits all”, we know that the reality is that there really isn't any “one size fits all” solution. Health Dynamics is different. It is the first system that gives you a personalised path to health based on your unique body type and mind type.

We are hearing new stories every day of people we look after from all walks of life, who having had health challenges and have tried many different diets, programs without results and have turned this around with Health Dynamics.

A personal health consult showed them their path to wellness and guided them in how to balance their unique mind and body type. Part of the process is getting an in depth pulse reading and using the Health Dynamics Test which shows you which one of the 80 profiles types you are.

Our bodies were designed to heal themselves but so many of us are living in environments that leave us in a state of imbalance. People are so out of balance they don't know where to start. The good news is we are here to support you on your journey.

That is why we are coming back to London and running personal pulse reading consults! Whether you are looking to start your personal health journey or you are after help with taking the next step, we will give you a personalised way for your body and mind type to accelerate your health. This will support you to reach optimal levels of energy and vitality for you to achieve your 2019 goals.

You may have met me or know of me from my clinical practice, the Health Dynamics Test or the Health Spectrum test I co-created with Roger James Hamilton. These assessments have been used by thousands of people around the world to guide them on their personalised path to health. Working with top Ayurvedic Doctors and specialists around the world, I get to see the very latest research, formulas, tools and tips that are working best in today’s world. That is why I have created personally designed online programs and retreats that takes you on a journey that quickly turns your body around. 

Join me for your personal health consult and allow me to answer your specific health concerns and give you an insight to accelerate your health goals.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

What people are saying about Jo Formosa?

Roosmarjin Haring

Geodomein Founder & Master Trainer

Having my Health Dynamic profile is like a description of both my body and mind and helped me understand myself better. I find the pulse read a very effective way to quickly get spot on insights in my health, both mentally and physically. During the 28-detox I learned so lots about the fundamentals of the beautiful Ayurvedic lifestyle. During the Health Dynamics Retreat I was able to shift my identity to a whole new level, leaving old health issues and creating new habits. Health Dynamics is a new way of life for me, it is giving me this new ID of which I am genuinely grateful. A sincere thanks to Jo and her team.

Richard Anash

Speaker, Trainer and Coach

I recently had my Health Dynamics Debrief with Jo and I was just blown away! Jo has really helped me to put everything into context relating to my health and it made it real easy to set goals and also implement them. Because of the combination of Health Dynamics and Wealth Dynamics - the debrief was unique to me and added with Jo's knowledge and expertise, I was blown away. Everyone needs Health Dynamics - it's essential! Thank you Jo 🙂

Emily Gowor

Inspirational Writer, Author and Speaker

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