Book a Monthly Ayurvedic Consultation Plan 


What's Included & What You Can Expect?

  •  3 x 30 min coaching sessions with a health coach of your choice over a 3 month period. (only available post and Initial 1 hr session) billed monthly then ongoing.
  •  Comprehensive pre-consultation health history questionnaire.
  •  Email support so you can get answers in between your sessions. *
  •  Personalised nutrition plan: includes nutrition suggestions and additional recommended supplements and herbs.(additional cost for herbs)
  •  Discover emotional triggers or past trauma that could unlock your healing potential.
  •  Education tools to master your health
  • interviews, and recipes.
  •  Choose the coach that's right for you and your unique needs, along with your current health care choices.
  •  Your dedicated health coach to help you commit to your Personal Path and healing plan.

* When the questions are exceeding a quick response then an additional session may be required and a limit to 4 email per month 

Dr Madhavi

Choose one of our Health Dynamics Ayurvedic Practitioners.  With a number of highly skilled Practitioners and Dr's available providing Ayurvedic consultations remotely via Skype/Zoom and in our Brisbane clinic.

Jo is the co-creator of Health Dynamics Test and an established Ayurvedic practitioner with an international reputation. Jo works with clients around the world providing Ayurvedic consultations remotely via Skype/Zoom

Refund Policy

Refunds for consultation packages can be made within 30 days of purchase OR prior to the first consultation, whichever comes first. This is an ongoing monthly services with a minimum of 3 months service. 30 days notice is required to cancel.