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How To Set Up Your Health For 2021

In this Complimentary Workshop, Clinic Director and CEO of Health Dynamics Jo Formosa shares her teachings that will take you into 2021  Making YOUR Impossible Goal Possible.

THIS IS A EXCLUSIVE Workshop for ONLY those that have done the Detox.

9th December,  7 AM AEST


You missed out!

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For all those that   have done the 28 Day Detox,  Jo Formosa and her team want to set you up for 2021. 

 As you know, Jo  teaches very simple and specific steps to help you move your health to where you always wanted it to be.

If you have fallen off the band wagon, or already feel healthy and you want to take it to the next step, you don’t have to feel stuck with your health and your weight. There is something you can do about it.

This Workshop shows you how you can feel better now and how you can set up your 2021.

You will learn how to make YOUR impossible future possible with Jo's LIVE coaching.

When you watch this Workshop, you’ll learn the secret to feeling better no matter where your health is, if you are looking to lose weight, have better gut health, be free of pain, or free of a dis-ease.

PLUS how your Mindset influences your Health, so you no longer have to be stressed. 

The Workshop is very fast-paced, so make sure you have a paper and pen to take notes, we will be taking practical steps. You’ll want to reference this information so you can use it to start taking the steps you need to get the Future you have dreamed of.

This is the FIRST and ONLY of its kind Workshop, for the 28 Day Detox Participants, so don't miss this opportunity to watch Jo in action LIVE.

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