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You missed out!

Re-boot, Re-set, Re-fresh & Renew your Body and Mind 

Feeling sluggish, needing more energy, want to lose the stubborn weight, get rid of pain and be pain-free, or you have a health condition that you can't resolve, you want more clarity and want to get rid of the brain fog. 

You are ready to detox, Re-boot, Re-set, Refresh, and Renew your Body and Mind. 

Join your 28-day detox program now; the only way to detox is the personalised way of knowing your Mind and Body type.

Next Detox : 

8th November 2021 

Do you Answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you wanting to lose weight and achieve a HEALTHY weight?

Do you feel tired and want to improve your energy levels?

Do you feel bloated or have inflammation?

Do you want to be healthier so you can enjoy outings more?

Do you know you health could be better but not sure where to start?

Do you experience pain in your body and want to be free to walk, hike, jog, or run?

Have you had a Stroke, Diabetes, Allergies, or a Health condition that is stoping you from being healthy?

Are you on medications that you want to come off?

To you want to be FREE from your own shackles and be YOU again?

If you answered YES to ANY of the boxes above, I want to

invite you to join the

Health Dynamics 28-Day Detox online Program

Mansata Kurang

"I lost 5 kgs in such a short amount of time and with ease. Plus I got a flat stomach. I have so much more energy now! I feel like my old self. All I did was Listen and didn't exercise intensely, just daily walks and ate for my body type as Jo instructed."

What is it Costing You


Of people are unhealthy and don't even know

The average person who is unhealthy spends
  • $4,000 a year, for each year they are unhealthy
  • $1,200 a year on eating out
  • $3,000 a year on junk food 
  • $5,000 a year on medication
  • $10,000 a year on tests, doctor visits or Health care
  • 28.9 % higher premiums on health insurance
Thats over $20,000 a year spent on being sick.

And That's ONLY the Money value there are also Social implications

  • The loss of being with your family or love ones because you are ill, have no energy, or are in pain
  • The snapping at people or feeling like it's all too much.
  • Missed date nights or a deep relationship with your spouse because your mind is foggy.
  • The stress or overwhelm you feel everyday
  • Missing out on events because you feel tired or fatigued
  • The time wasted on feeling sick, tired, or over weight.
  • The opportunities missed because you feel your carrying too much weight
  • Having a lack of motivation to do the things you want
  • The pain you feel because of your IBS, or health condition


Of unhealthy people miss out on events and time with loved ones due to low energy or feeling sick 

Steve Psaradellis

"Over 27 Kg weight loss, I have amazing abundant energy and my Stress levels are so low. My cravings have disappeared and I no longer reach for the chocolate. My sleep apnoea has gone, my shoulder pain is 95% better. And more importantly my glucose, Cholesterol and acidity are now normal"

Now Imagine...........

Being a Healthy Weight.

Want to be a Healthy weight and go back to who you were? While finding out the CAUSE of your weight gain so you can make real progress and keep it off in the long term. (We all know it isn't about weight, but we all want to feel good and fit into those jeans at the back of our closet).

Having more energy and Motivation.

Reward yourself with more energy and more productivity. STOP feeling tired throughout the day.  Defy the numbers on the clock and claim your life back. While doing all the things you LOVE without the fatigue.

Being free from pain.

Pain holding you back? Feel less frustrated as you discover what works for YOUR body. Discover the CAUSE of your pain and how you can become FREE from it. Enjoy life's experiences with family and friends without pain. 

Discover YOURSELF again.

Not feeling yourself? Find out what is holding you back. Feel less anxiety and stress. Sleep uninterrupted through the night. Discover why you are turning to sugar, junk food, over eating,  bad habits and more....

Martin Young Body Transformation

Martin Young

"18 months ago I decided to Change my life and take charge of my health. I was taking medication for asthma and my arthritis which cause me pain everyday. It hurt to just walk down a flight f stairs. Before I took control I was 88 kg and 16% body fat. I took ventilation and pain medication every day. Afterwards I'm 75 kg and 8% body fat. I have taken prescription medication for 18 months and I feel great"

Here's Everything You get as a member of the 28-Day detox Online program

Access to World-Class Ayurvedic Senior doctors with over 30 years of clinical experience

($5000 Value)

Hand Picked Ayurvedic Doctor for you based on your specific health goals. To help you stay on track, you'll check in each phase with your Doctor to help you create goals, develop a clear plan to achieve them and work through any Health conditions or issue. 

28 Day worth of Ayurvedic Recipes and Meal Plan

($2000 USD Value)

Your own meal plan for 28 days and recipes that are made for Detoxing. These meals are nourishing, healthy and filling. Designed by Ayurvedic doctors, because food is medicine.

Daily Educational Videos

($1000 USD Value)

Daily Educational Videos from Jo Formosa each day of the Detox to further show you how the Detox is working each phase and give you hints and tips along the way.

Your Own Private Facebook group

($500 USD Value)

A private community of past and resent detoxers to support each other. You are 65% more likely to succeed when in a group and this is what the private community is.

28-day TAILORED Detox Herbs (ONLY available on the detox)

($1000 USD Value)

Customised Herbs to work with your mind and body type specifically with your needs and health goals in mind. Our herbs can not be brought anywhere else and are ONLY for the Detox.

Weekly groups Mindset coaching with Jo Formosa

($15,000 USD Value)

These Calls are a mix of teaching+implementation+Q& A each month, led by me. Change your thoughts, actions and results with Jo's Neuro strategy calls.  

Follow up Session to map out your plan with Jo Formosa

($250 USD Value)

At the end of your Detox, you will get a consultation with Jo Formosa to map out you next path. So your results go beyond the Detox. 

Your own Portal to house all your recipes and resources

($1000 USD Value)

Your own 28-Day Detox portal. So you can find your Recipes, meal plans, videos, book your consultations with ease.


Health Dynamics Test and 32 Page Report

($97 USD Value)

Discover your unique body type and your natural path to losing weight.  Including what foods to eat, what type of exercise to do . Plus a 32 page detailed report and more.


($1000 USD Value)

Get an EXTRA WEEK to help prepare you for the detox, with recipes, meal plans and a EXTRA live group Mindset Call with Jo formosa. 

5 Star Health Challenge

($1000 USD Value)

5 day challenge where I take you on a 5 day journey. So you can lose weight, be free from pain and learn more about how to transform your health. 

Healthy you, Healthy business

($1000 USD Value)

5 day training in your own portal. Where I take you through how you can not only be healthy, but upscale your business or work. Get more productivity so much it will be like cloning yourself. 

That's over $3500 USD worth of  BONUSES

for $1497 USD

Your Program Leaders

Jo Formosa
Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist & Clinical Director
Dip. App Sc. Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Dip RMT 

Renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, creator of Health Dynamics, media personality and speaker, Jo Formosa is the mastermind behind this program. She has helped thousands of people around the world lead a more vibrant and healthy life..

Dr Madhavi Kathiria
Ayurvedic Doctor
and Naturopath
B.A.M.S. B.H.Sc. Naturopathy

Ayurvedic doctor and naturopath Dr.Madhavi Kathiria has answered her calling for “getting to the root” of her clients’ health issues. Combining the evidence based integration of Ayurveda, naturopathy and DNA analysis, she uses her skills to help her patients heal themselves.

B.A.M.S Msc (Health Services Management)

Ayurvedic Doctor Kavita Parekh specialities include Medical and Lifestyle consultation, Ayurvedic body treatments and beauty treatments, stress management, Neuromuscular diseases & pain management, Detoxification, and Anti-aging & rejuvenation treatments.

Jessica Mae Vedrio

Community Supporter

Jessica Vedrio, is your 28 day Immune Booster Community Supporter.  She loves nothing more than to help people achieve their goals. She is your go-to person during the program and will answer any questions you have and provide support where needed.

Want to Lose Weight, Stop Bloating and Feel Good?

Join 1,000s of others that have done this successfully.

Sonja C McKeddie Testimonial
Tamsyn Rosenberg Testimonial

This 28-Day Detox is perfect for you NOW if:

You want to come off medication.

You want to lose weight and get to YOUR healthy weight.

You believe in investing in your health and wellbeing.

You want to have more energy.

You want to feel healthy.

You want to be able to Move without pain .

You're done giving up your time and personal freedom at the expense of your health.

This 28-Day Detox is NOT for you if:

You aren't ready to change your Health and your weight.

You're comfortable seeing yourself gain weight and become more unhealthy. 

Frequently asked questions

Where is the 28-Day Detox?

This is an 28  day online program the fully encompasses your body and mind. Everything you need is on your own online portal- from recipes, to meal plan and all 1:1 consultations are done online via zoom.

Will there be a recording of the mindset coaching?

YES! However we recommend coming LIVE to the coaching to get the most out of the 28-Day program. 

Does age or Health matter?

No, we have CEO'S who are 70 years young and are now in the best shape of their life. Age is no concern when trying to get healthy. And that is what this 28-Day Detox is for to help you move your health up a level.

How do I get my resources

Everything you need will be in your OWN private portal so you can access everything with ease. Your Detox herbs will be sent to your door before the Detox starts.

Is Food Included?

No! However we give you the FULL shopping list and meal plan fro each phase, so you can prepare and get ready fro your detox

When is the Detox?

We have Detoxes running all year,  Our next detox is November 8th 2021.

How much does this cost?

The Detox Program is $1497 USD plus if you buy NOW we have over $3000 USD in bonuses for you to kick start your health NOW.

Who will be my doctor?

We match you up with one of Senior Ayurvedic doctors, depending on your Health goals. ALL our doctors are fully train Ayurvedic Doctors and have over 30 years experience. 

Get the Health you've always DREAMED of and get back to being YOU

Copyright 2021 by Health Dynamics 360 and Jo Formosa.