Forget New Year Resolutions, Here’s How To Transform Your Year Ahead

There are two more days left until we say goodbye to 2017. How has this year been for you? Has it been the best year of your life?

Whether it’s been a winning year, or not quite, I want you to stop for one moment and take a minute to think about everything you have, everything you achieved and the people around you - your wealth.

Health is real wealth

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are amongst the top 50 per cent of wealthy people in the world. Credit Suisse shows that an adult owning more than $4000 in assets falls into that category. The reality is, even with little savings, most of us enjoy a considerable amount of material privilege. We enjoy “wealth” in that sense more than many others in the world. For that, we must be grateful.  

Even more important, as Mahatma Gandhi said: “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

Little life tweaks

So how is your health? Are you kicking goals and feeling great? Are there still things you want to change in your routine as we move into 2018?

Let’s take one more moment to stop. Look at all you ARE doing for your health, rather than what you aren’t doing. What is the current state of your health and your life? Who are you comparing it to? How is it looking? Now I’d like you to move into a place of gratitude and be thankful for the opportunities you have to improve your health, right at your fingertips. Savour it and give thanks for these golden opportunities.

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of articles in the last few days, or weeks, with tips and suggestions by the bucketload, endless resolutions and things you should and shouldn’t be doing. These are merely details, to feel guilty about, or fuel for the never-ending to do list. Our approach is different.

Blueprint for personal health

The rituals of Ayurveda are very specific – we all have a unique body type. That means your body runs better when you give it what it needs in terms of diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress release etc. You will also have an increased susceptibility to certain illnesses. What works for you will most likely be different to what suits your husband, friends, your children and colleagues.

Once you know this, what helps you tick, you need a set of guidelines which will work for you - and every year you can align a little more with those. When January 1 rolls around, you might need a little shift, a slight tweak here and there, but once you know your body, your life will be transformed.

Put aside those resolutions

Some people might want to lose a little weight, others may want to put weight on; maybe you lost too many kilos because of recent stress. If you’re eating the diet that suits your body type and constitution, weight will not be a problem.

Did you know that we’ve created a program perfectly designed for each of the three main body types? Maybe you need to speak with one of our practitioners so they can sit down with you and help you get on track. If you haven’t already worked out your individual body type, you can do the body type quiz right now and instantly get a 24-page report which will help you start moving in the right direction.  

Do you want to get that glow back and a feel a sense of youthful aging? When your agni (digestive fire) isn’t right, you won’t be feeling that spark. Here’s an article where we share some great simple steps to improve your agni.

If you’re not drinking medicated water, start today. Drinking medicated water, an Ayurvedic tea made from cumin, coriander and fennel is like gently scrubbing out your insides. Here’s another article where I talk a lot more about the tea and its potent effects. It’s powerful.

Get to the bottom of any issues

Maybe your digestive system hasn’t been working as well as it has in the past, but you can’t quite work out which foods are causing the problem? What if it’s not the food that you’re eating that is causing the problem, but a sign that you need a clean out? After a while the body gets overloaded with toxins and that can manifest in different ways in different people. This year we created a 28 Detox & Re-set Program, which can be done entirely from your own home with a specially-created menu, herbs, one-on-one support from our practitioners as well as the power of a group to go through the experience together. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Check out what other clients have achieved in the program

Alternatively, try our seven day detox, you can buy it here, it’s all online with videos and live chats, so you can do it from anywhere. After just seven days, you will have gone a long way to improving your body’s metabolism, and igniting your own body’s innate intelligence to self-regulate. 

Rest and rejuvenation

How has your sleep been? Is this something that you might like to focus on in 2018?

I recently spoke on ABC radio with a sleep specialist from Wesley Hospital. He said sleep problems are dramatically increasing because so many people are staring into their screens late at night and then expecting to easily drift off to sleep.

Most people wake up two or three times during the night, however I’m seeing a lot more people who are waking between sleep cycles, then not being able to fall back to sleep quickly.

The time that you wake up will be an indicator of where the issue originates. If you find you’re waking between midnight and 2am, Ayurveda recognises this as a pitta (fire or heat) issue: it  relates to built-up pressure and stress. Waking early in the morning, say between 3am and 5am, is more related to vata (air) which is centred around worry and anxiety.

Let’s have a conversation about sharpening things in your life so you can make 2018 the rich, rewarding and vibrant year you deserve.