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The Four-Step Body Mind Reset

Join the Thousands of People Who Have Taken Back Control of Their Health to Live Life With More Energy, Better Sleep, and a Body That Looks and Feels Great to Be In.

Let Me Help You Turn Your Health Around in Just a Few Short Weeks

  • Learn your unique Mind-Body Type and finally understand why the one-size-fits-all approach to health doesn't work (and never has...)
  • Discover why diets are always a hit-and-miss affair and how you can create an easy-to-follow personalised health plan that's right for YOU
  • Learn the real reasons why we put on weight and how you can teach your body to burn excess weight with ease
  • Empower yourself to make healthy choices and say goodbye to the shame, guilt and confusion about what you 'should' or 'shouldn't' be
  • Get your comprehensive Health Dynamics Profile with a full outline of the foods that allow your body to thrive
  • Learn when to eat and when not to eat and why it's just as important as what you eat
  • Understand the real cause of disease and how you can prevent it and even reverse it
  • Learn why many of the so-called 'health foods' may not be so healthy for you after all (even salads!)

You Deserve Better

Better Knowledge. Better Advice. Better Health.

Imagine what your life would look like if you didn’t have any of the conditions you are currently settling for. Imagine if you could have:

  • More energy
  • Reduced weight
  • More flexibility
  • Better sleep
  • Glowing complexion
  • Better circulation
  • Feel stronger
  • Healthy gut
  • Better cardio function
  • A healthy and healthful appetite
  • Stronger libido
  • Regular menstrual cycle (without pain)

  • Less gastric reflux

  • A sharper mind

  • More confidence

  • Reduced constipation

  • More stamina

  • Look and feel more youthful

The good news is that all this and more is possible for you, and the only reason you don’t have it now is because you haven’t been taught how you can get it.

Donna S.

"These guys know what they are talking about. They have the knowledge and skills to get you where you need to go. They are always there to answer any questions. Jo knows her stuff, she is very good at what she does, better than any Dr in western medicine... She will push you out of your comfort zone to get the breakthroughs you need to accomplish what you set out to. [I now have] An understanding of how my body works, why it is out of balance and how to bring it back in balance and all the help from the community. I can see & feel the results."

Lorraine B.

"First of all, I’m back to my pre-Covid weight. This means I can get back into my clothes & my favourite pair of jeans which is just fantastic. For the last (2) years I’ve had this neck pain & I’ve had my mobility very restricted...And I’ve noticed just recently that now, I have more flexibility & the pain is quite a dull pain which just makes life more bearable. And the final point, which may sound strange...is I really feel hunger. So, now I have fire in my belly & it’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning having that feeling of hunger. "

Most Health Problems Are Actually Education Problems

If haven’t been enjoying the health that you could be, it's got a lot to do with that fact that from a very young age we’ve been taught:

Our health problems come from outside of us (and there’s little we can do about it). Colds, flus, viruses, cancers and countless other diseases are certainly often triggered by external causes, but the fact that some people ‘catch’ these conditions and others don’t gives us a clue that there is more to it than that.

The solutions to our health problems also come from outside of us. Pills and tablets, potions and lotions, vaccines, supplements and miracle foods... These can certainly help and can sometimes be miraculous, but should be used as a secondary approach, not as a form of primary care.


Our bodies are all basically built the same way and thus should be treated the same way. The truth is, each of us is unique and what’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for someone else, might not be good or bad for you.

Let Me Help You Get Your Health Back On Track With My Four-Step Body-Mind Reset Program

Your First Line of Defence is a Healthy Body

With my Health Dynamics Four-Step Body-Health Reset you will:


Each one of us is ‘built’ differently yet most health advice assumes our bodies are similar. In this module you’ll learn about Health Dynamics body types and get a deeper understanding of just how your body works. 

  • Learn your specific ‘body type’ and what it needs to function at its best. You’ll understand which of the ten different body types you are, and what your body type needs in terms of food, exercise and routine to thrive. 
  • Understand why your body keeps returning to the same state of imperfect health and what it takes to end that cycle for good.
  • Establish the simple basic daily routine that will stimulate your body’s processes to function at their best.
  • Learn that you don’t have to suffer boring food or deprive yourself of life’s little pleasures in order to be healthy.


Health Dynamics has a unique approach to health. Rather than ‘fixing problems’ which often only leads to symptomatic relief, we focus on helping the body restore its own natural state of ‘balance.’ In this module you’ll learn just what balance looks and feels like, and how to get your body back on track.

  • Learn the causes of imbalance and how to prevent them.
  • Discover the warning signs of imbalance and how to respond to them.
  • Understand the different stages of disease and how to beat them before the symptoms even show.
  • Build on your daily routine with life-changing habits that put you in sync with the rhythms of nature.
  • Learn how to prepare delicious tasty foods that help your body find its own natural state of balance.
  • Understand how to truly care for your digestive system, the ‘engine room’ of the body and how to stop treating it like a waste dump, over feeding it with foods that literally congest your system with inflammation, excess weight and toxic residue.
  • Discover how to truly detoxify your body without resorting to fad cleanse programs, juice fasts or other harmful approaches.
  • Understand why raw foods and salads may not be as healthy as we are led to believe.


Have you ever wondered why your behaviours don’t always align with your health goals? An aligned mind is crucial to stop this cycle and get your body and mind on the same page.  In this module you’ll use the Wealth Dynamics tool and draw on the ancient Chinese philosophy of I Ching, to learn which of the 8 mind types you are and give you a deeper understanding of how you see the world and how you function in it.

  • Learn your specific ‘mind type’ and understand what really makes you tick. If you struggle to make decisions, overthink things, experience anxiety or stress, just this insight alone will have a profound impact on your life.
  • Understand how your body-mind combination works together and how this affects everything. With 80 different possible body-mind combinations, and each one requiring specific approaches to health,  you’ll learn how to fine-tune your body to run like a well-oiled machine
  • Discover what ‘flow’ looks like for your unique body-mind combination and how to achieve it.
  • Learn how to feel comfortable and excited about your body and how to stop trying to be something you are not.


Now that you have the foundations in place, it’s time to put your new knowledge to work and create lasting change. In this module, you learn how to create a ‘new normal’ for yourself with a new vibrant, energetic body and a mind to match it.

  • Learn how to correctly implement ‘intermittent fasting’ without putting your body at risk.
  • Discover the origin of the 5:2 Diet and how to tell if and when this approach might be right for you.
  • Learn how to assess your progress and monitor for warning signs as you re-integrate with ‘the real world’.
  • Understand the seven stages of digestion and how to create the chemistry in your body that makes you radiant and youthful.
  • Discover how to become the cause of your health instead of the effect of it.
  • Learn how to avoid fad diets and protocols that force you to live outside of your natural state of balance.

What do You Want YOUR Health Dynamics Success Story to Be?

Your Program Includes

Weekly Training Modules

Four weekly video training modules delivered online for you to watch in your own time.

Group Coaching Sessions

Four weekly group coaching sessions with our qualified Health Dynamics practitioners to help you put the knowledge to work.

Eating Plans

Four weekly eating plans and shopping lists to help you prepare meals so delicious that your family will want to enjoy them with you.

Ayurvedic Supplements

Four weeks' supply of Body Mind Reset Ayurvedic Herbs, prepared from ancient and proven formulas, delivered to your door.

Support Materials

Comprehensive pdf support materials for your ongoing reference.


Access to our private Facebook community where you’ll get to compare notes, be inspired and help inspire others.

Plus These Powerful Bonuses



Health Dynamics Profile Report

Co-created with Roger James Hamilton, the Health Dynamics Profile Report is a comprehensive personalised assessment based on your unique combination of characteristics and traits. This report will become a valuable reference in your journey to ultimate health

($97 value).


Before and After Toxicity Tests

With these tests you’ll get an accurate assessment of which ‘stages’ of disease you might be at.

Though most of the early stages of disease don’t show up as ‘symptoms’ your toxicity test will give you a snapshot of the real state of your health.


Beat the Cravings Bonus Module

This bonus module will help you understand the cause of cravings (hint - it’s got much less to do with willpower than most people think) and gives you practical tips on how you can finally take control of cravings instead of letting cravings control you.

($97 value).

Martin Young Body Transformation

Martin Young

"My trainer turned to me in utter amazement and asked "So what's changed?" My body weight, fat mass, BMI, degree of obesity and metabolic age have all dropped significantly.  I'm less bloated, I've lost my love handles, my complexion has improved and my muscle definition has improved, despite doing less exercise."

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