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Healthy You Bootcamp

Find the perfect Health Regime for your Body and Mind Type 

Create a personalised program that Works for you!

Join the Bootcamp! 

10, 11, 12th  Sept 2021

4pm PDT,  6pm CDT, 9 am AEST (the next day)

PLUS over $3000 USD worth of bonuses for all Tickets (Limited numbers available) 


Crisis Cleanse Training Worth $1000 USD

5-Day training on how you can navigate the current world events and COVID- 19. With a deep dive into how to boost your immune system. 

1:1 Consultation Senior Ayurvedic Doctor

Worth $250 USD

1:1 online consultation with our trained Ayurvedic senior doctors. Deep dive with our doctors to discover your own personalised path to health.  

Five Star Health Training Worth $1000 USD

Discover how you can get ultimate health. With a deep look into how you can balance any imbalances you may have. Including pain, disease or how you can come off medication. 

Health Dynamics token

Worth $97 USD

Discover your body and Mind type with a full 32 page report. Which you are able to dissect to further your health and make it personalised. Discover what food and exercise is best for your body type.

Healthy you, Healthy business Training Worth  $1000 USD

Want to perform in your business or on your job? Want more energy so you can achieve more? This training teaches you how you can do just that. Looking into your mindset and how you can eliminate overwhelmed and burnt-out.

Discounted Early bird Ticket Worth $400 USD

Save on your ticket with our special DISCOUNTED prices.

Mansata Kurang

"I lost 5 kgs in such a short amount of time and with ease. Plus I got a flat stomach.

I have so much more energy now! I feel like my old self."

Please see if you answer YES to these questions

Are you wanting to lose weight and achieve a HEALTHY weight?

Do you feel tired and want to improve your energy levels?

Do you feel bloated or have inflammation?

Do you want to be healthier so you can enjoy outings more?

Do you know you health could be better but not sure where to start?

Do you experience pain in your body and want to be free to walk, hike, jog, or run?

Have you had a Stroke, Diabetes, Allergies, or a Health condition that is stoping you from being healthy?

Are you on medications that you want to come off?

To you want to be FREE from your own shackles and be YOU again?

If you answered YES to ANY of the boxes above, I want to

invite you to join the

Healthy You Bootcamp

I used to be over 90kgs and in pain & that's when I decided to learn what was best for my Body and Mind type to lose weight Naturally.  

What is being unhealthy costing you?


Of people are unhealthy and some of them don't even know it. 

The average person who is unhealthy spends
  • $4,000 a year, for each year they are unhealthy
  • $1,200 a year on eating out
  • $3, 000 a year on junk food 
  • $5,000 a year on medication
  • $10,000 a year on tests, doctor visits or health care
  • 28.9 % higher premiums on health insurance
Thats over $20,000 a year spent on being unhealthy!!! 

And that's only the Money value; there is also the social implications

The loss of time being with your family or love ones because you are ill or are in pain with no energy

Not wanting to wear something because of your weight (Remember going to the beach and feeling good?) 

Missed date nights or a connected relationship with your spouse because your mind is foggy.

The stress or overwhelm you feel everyday

Missing out on events because you feel tired or fatigued

The time wasted on feeling sick, tired, or over weight.

The missed opportunities because you're feel your carrying too much weight

The lack of motivation to do the things you want

The pain you feel because of your IBS, gut health, or current health condition


Here’s what you’ll Discover in the 3 Day Bootcamp

Healthy Mind

Feeling frustrated? Are YOU stopping yourself? Learn how you can manage your mind so you can discover how your thoughts are impacting your weight. Discover how you can manage stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and stop the burn out before it happens. While developing a mindset that increases your productivity and actually helps weight loss.

Energy and motivation 

Have no energy? Feel tired throughout the day? Lost motivation to achieve simple things or exercise. Learn how you can be FULL of energy . From the time you wake until you go to sleep. Discover how each body type can use food as medicine and create the abundant energy you want. Don't miss out on experiences with family and friends by your energy levels. And live life as YOU.

Healthy Body

Reverse the dial and learn how to lose weight naturally. So you find your healthy weight!! Go back to being YOU. The one that fits into those jeans you still have at the back of your closet. Discover what your body type is and how eating for your body type allows you to lose weight. LOVE your body again as you learn it's not about weight but about feeling good. 

Healthy life

Want to ease pain? Come off medication? Or feel like your old self again? Learn how you can live your best life. One where you enjoy all aspects. Walk when you want, go out when you want and feel good in your body. Have a feeling of wellness, vibrance and moving forward. Turn back the dial with not only your weight but your skin, attitude and overall health. Feel good every day for your mind, body and soul.

Stop Cravings

Love junk food, feel like you're overeating, or do you get sugar cravings? Maybe you started eating healthy and then it didn't last long? Learn how you can not only stop the cravings but crave the food that nourishes you. Discover why you are having these cravings and how to redirect them. Without making yourself feel bad. Or falling off the band wagon because it's not sustainable.

10,11,12th September 2021
4pm PDT,  6pm CDT, 9 am AEST (the next day)


You missed out!

Martin Young Body Transformation

Martin Young

"My trainer turned to me in utter amazement and asked "So whats changed?" 

My body weight, fat mass, BMI, degree of obesity and metabolic age have all dropped significantly."

 Now Imagine...........

Being a Healthy Weight.

Want to be a Healthy weight and go back to who you were? While finding out the CAUSE of your weight gain so you can make real progress and keep it off in the long term. (We all know it isn't about weight, but we all want to feel good and fit into those jeans at the back of our closet).

Having more energy and Motivation.

Reward yourself with more energy and more productivity. STOP feeling tired throughout the day.  Defy the numbers on the clock and claim your life back. While doing all the things you LOVE without the fatigue.

Being free from pain.

Pain holding you back? Feel less frustrated as you discover what works for YOUR body. Discover the CAUSE of your pain and how you can become FREE from it. Enjoy life's experiences with family and friends without pain. 

Discover YOURSELF again.

Not feeling yourself? Find out what is holding you back. Feel less anxiety and stress. Sleep uninterrupted through the night. Discover why you are turning to sugar, junk food, over eating,  bad habits and more....

Want to Lose Weight, Stop Bloating and Feel Good?

Meet Your Host!!!

Jo Formosa

Jo Formosa is an engaging and inspiring practitioner and International speaker with 25 years experience, incorporating her extensive knowledge across many different genres including Ayurveda medicine, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, remedial massage diet and nutrition and neuro-strategies.

Specialising in serious health conditions – from cancer and digestive disorders to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune problems – she has a knack for intuitively understanding the body and reversing even the most complex problems.

Jo is the Clinical Director of Back2health “Ayurvedic Practice” in Brisbane, which she established 15 years ago. Jo partnered together with internationally-acclaimed wealth expert Roger James Hamilton, she has also co-created Health Dynamics - the world’s first system to link your health (what naturally gets your body in flow), your wealth (what naturally gets your mind in flow) and your happiness (what naturally gets your spirit into flow). This allows users to find out where they are on the health spectrum – and ultimately make their way higher, to better health and wellbeing

Jo Formosa

Join 1,000s of others that have done this successfully.

Tamsyn Rosenberg Testimonial

This Bootcamp is perfect for you NOW if:

You want to come off medication.

You want to lose weight and get to YOUR healthy weight.

You believe in investing in your health and wellbeing.

You want to have more energy.

You want to feel healthy.

You want to be able to Move without pain .

You're done giving up your time and personal freedom at the expense of your health.

This Bootcamp is NOT for you if:

You aren't ready to change your Health and your weight.

You're comfortable seeing yourself gain weight and become more unhealthy. 

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Bootcamp?

This is an 3 day online training, so grab your favourite herbal tea and watch from the comfort of your own home. This training is to help you lose weight and get the health you've always wanted. 

Will there be a recording?

We recommend coming LIVE to the Bootcamp to get the most out of the training and interactions. And this training is a ACTION packed 3 days that get results. You may get the recording if you sign up for the VIP experience.

Does age or Health matter?

No, we have CEO'S who are 80 years and are now in the best shape of their life. Age is no concern when trying to get healthy. And that is what this training is for to help you move your health up a level so your business will follow.

How can I watch this?

All you will need is a computer and a FREE zoom account. Then pencil in the time and date and join us each day the Bootcamp is live

When is the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is on the 10,11,12th September  4pm PDT, 9am  AEST (The next day).

How long will the Bootcamp  be?

Each day will be around 4 hours long 

How much does this cost?

We have two ticket options you can still purchase Early bird tickets for $297 USD with over $3000 worth of bonuses. Be quick as this will go up on the to our normal price of 4297. Or you can get the VIP experience for $397 USD with even more BONUSES. 

Is there exercise in this Bootcamp?

NO!! This Bootcamp we do talk about what exercise will suit your body type but we will not do any on the Bootcamp. We will however have cooking classes to show you what to eat for your body type and go through the best plan for your unique body type to lose weight. 

Get the Health you've always DREAMED of and get back to being YOU

Copyright 2021 by Health Dynamics 360 and Jo Formosa.