Gentle Kapha – How to Keep Your Battery Always Energised

Kapha are the most blessed of all the body types as you have a strong constitution and can carry a lot on your shoulders - you are the battery, that when in balance never runs out. If you’re not feeling full of power and stamina than you’re probably not eating the right foods and living the lifestyle that best suits you. Here are some tips to start you on the path to improved health and vitality.

Of all the body types, kapha struggle with weight the most because you have a slower metabolism and tend to carry more fluid and weight. Often I hear kaphas say they are putting on weight when they are hardly eating anything at all.

One of the most famous kapha, Oprah Winfrey struggled with her weight for years – constantly yo-yoing between dress sizes. The thing is, for you guys, skinny isn’t a realistic goal, but at the same time I know you want to be at a place where you feel good about yourself.

When life is going well kapha are serene, loyal and loving – you’re represented by the elements of water and earth so that’s not surprising right?

It’s important to get to know your unique body type (if you haven’t worked that out yet, do the test here – it’s quick and painless). Once you know what makes you tick, we can help teach you what’s the best foods that are suited to your digestion, what exercise will inspire you and even what illnesses you might be susceptible to – just so you can do your best to avoid them. Knowing your body type is the first step you need to take on the path to good health.

Today we’re going to look deeper at the last dosha, or body type – kapha. If you missed the previous posts, you can read about vata here; and pitta here.

Physical features

Kapha body types tend to have a heavy build and larger proportions, are muscular, often have thick beautiful skin, large soft eyes, rich wavy hair. You’ll be physically strong, compact and wide - with large thighs, hips, buttocks and chest. You might feel perpetually overweight, but skinny isn’t a realistic objective for you.

Typically you have large, attractive eyes that are blue or black , skin that is fair or dark and a soft voice. You’ll also probably have a sense of serenity in your smile, and a slow and steady step – loyalty comes naturally to you and you might be known as the ‘gentle warrior’.

Character traits

Slow, stable and calm, you are often easy-going and supportive in relationships when feeling good and in balance. You don’t mind routines and you probably love your sleep – kapha tend to be long, heavy sleepers. Sleeping in too long though, is not the best way to start your day. It’s better to go to sleep earlier and get up earlier, ideally by 6am or you will feel groggy during the day.  

You’ve got an in-built way of enjoying life and are a good supportive friend and partner. Just be mindful of getting stuck, out of balance kapha tend to hold onto things – whether that’s a job that’s not good for you or a relationship that you might not fit well within anymore. You might also have a tendency to not deal with things that are stressful or fall into the too hard basket. Sound like you?


Kapha can struggle with weight gain and fluid retention – then allergies can set in. According to Ayurveda, it’s recommendable to eat foods that balance your dominant dosha. Kapha is heavy, oily and cold so you’re best suited to eating foods that are light, dry and warm.

If you’re hoping to slim down, try one day a week where you just eat fresh vegetables and fruit juices and pureed veggie soups; reduce dairy intake and avoid sweet especially cold desserts like ice cream and cheesecake. This will all help kick-start your metabolism.

Also try to eat your largest meal at lunchtime and a smaller meal at dinner – also make sure to allow enough time to digest your meal, usually three hours, before going to sleep.

Diet and lifestyle

You’ll do well eating vegetables and dahl soups with black pepper, fresh ginger and turmeric (which is now recognised in the West as a super food because it helps with digestion, metabolises fat and reduces cholesterol and allergies). Green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, apples, pears, pomegranates, cranberries, apricots, quinoa and basmati rice are great for you.

Regular exercise also can really help speed up your metabolism. Kapha body types need more vigorous exercise for a longer period of time to have the same effect as milder exercise for a vata or pitta person. Running, bicycling, swimming, aerobic, dance and competitive sports will suit you well. For a kapha it is really important to create variety as you adapt to exercise and routine quickly.  

To feel in-balance try to incorporate more stimulation into your routine – get out and about and enjoy life. Just try to avoid cold, damp conditions as you’re probably sensitive to the cold. Since congestion can also be a problem it might help to use an Ayurvedic Naysa treatment  for nasal cleaning. You can read more about this treatment here, or purchase some naysa oil  from our clinic.

Now that we’ve covered the three main body types if you still don’t know where you are on the health spectrum, that’s the next step to leading a healthy, happy and harmonious life.

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