How to Get Great Results From a 28-Day Detox

Weight loss is a pretty common goal amongst most of the population, but usually excess weight is symptomatic that there are other issues that need to be addressed as well.

When Rebecca took part in our recent 28-Day Detox program, weight loss was certainly one of her goals, but she wanted to turn the tide on some other health issues that were troubling her as well.

By the end of the detox she was able to well and truly tick off her weight loss expectations and Done and Exceeded. Aiming for 5 kg (11 pounds) , she finished the program 10 kgs [22 pounds] lighter, and has since lost another 3 kgs, for a total of 13.1 kgs lost.

But that was just part of the story. In Rebecca’s own words, she’s:

  • feeling lighter 
  • more energetic, 
  • carrying less puffiness and fluid, 
  • released chronic shoulder pain
  • is feeling more focused
  • got her digestion back in control.

Watch my video debrief with Rebecca to hear in her own words, just how powerful the 28-Day Detox is, and what might be possible for you.

If you’re inspired by Rebecca’s story, and have some health goals you’d like to accomplish yourself, consider joining our upcoming 28-Day Detox Program, starting next week.

Our next detox won’t be until August so if you’re low on energy, sleeping poorly, carrying excess weight, have brain fog, headaches, skin conditions, hormonal issues, or any other health related condition, then now is the time to consider a detox. But watch Rebecca’s story first…

Unsure if the detox is right for you? Book a no-obligation free Health Strategy Call with one of our Certified Consultants and they’ll let you know if the program is right for you or not. 

> Transcript

[00:00:00] Looking for Health Direction

Jo Formosa: Bec, can you tell me a little bit about why you decided to do the detox and how you found out about us?

Rebecca Hassett: I had, so through my yoga teacher training, towards the end of last year, I was introduced to Ayurveda and I had done a fair bit of searching online and trying to learn about my dosha and understand myself a bit better, and find some direction, but it was a little bit ambiguous.

So I thought, I really wanted to go and see a practitioner and have a more personalized you know, sort of take on it.

And so I came, I did some Google searching. I came across a practitioner in Westend who had great reviews. I went there, but my experience with that practitioner was, wasn't what I hoped it would be. We weren't quite a fit for each other.

So I had a moderate degree of success there. And I thought that'll do me for the end of the year. But I, I really was looking for a program that would help give me proper direction, set me up, in a way that I felt confident about the way that I was living my life.

[00:01:07] Retaining Health With Age

Rebecca Hassett: Really looking after my health and my partner's health so that we could age as well as possible. I'm not interested in taking medicine if I can avoid it and not interested in, you know, going down that track.

I, in my work, I work with a few elderly people and I've been able to see, it's probably made me aware, I've been able to see, how well some people have aged and how others haven't.

So I feel like at 45, this is a real point where I can, I've got choice at the moment. Things are pretty good and I'd like to improve that, but also make sure that we're, we're going down a path that's beneficial for us.

So after that experience with that practitioner, it was really weird Back2Health and Health Dynamics kept coming up in different conversations and I had told a few people that I wasn't as happy as I hoped I would be.

And normally if I love something, then I'll be able to recommend it to the nth degree, but I, I couldn't do that.

[00:02:05] Feedback from Friends

Rebecca Hassett: So I was still searching and a couple of people then had mentioned Back2Health, and it, it was actually searching again and looking through and I saw a beautiful friend of mine...

I knew that she'd had assistance with her. I didn't know who had guided her, and I saw her testimonial and it, I've got goosebumps now thinking about it because that happened at the time and I was just like, Wow. And so I thought I've, I need to talk to her about it because the program was a bit of an investment.

I, it was something that I did have to consider. And when I spoke to her, she had nothing but positive things to say. She actually attributes Jo to saving her life. And so it. It was something that I thought, okay, I'll give it a go.

There was another lady I knew who had done the program and she shared with me that she really valued the recipes and really valued the kindness and care that she received from the doctors, Kavita and Madhavi, looking after her with the program and that really sat well with me also.

So I think just those factors helped, you know, helped me make that decision that my health was worth the investment, and just to take the chance that this would give me the information that I needed to guide, making the right choices and set things up for a future from here.

[00:03:35] Health Challenges

Jo Formosa: Tell us a little bit about, what was frustrating for you in some of your health things and why that was causing you so much challenge and how that was affecting you in your life.

Rebecca Hassett: Hmm. The challenges. So some of the challenges that I had with my health were things like brain fog, procrastination, lack of energy, and it would kinda come and go.

Some periods would be great. I could, you know, hit things hard and in my business, there's a lot of contact with people and I love that, but I could also then find that that would drain me as well.

Some of the health challenges that I was facing that I really wanted to address, and why I chose this program were things like getting a great night's sleep, but still feeling tired some days, where I really needed energy to, to really focus and hit things hard and have quite a full day where I needed to sustain energy for a long time.

I put weight on for a little while ago and I just kind of kept it on. I was yo-yoing up and down. I'd lose a few kilos, put it back on, and I just felt like I was a bit lost and we, you know, I would've attributed what we were eating to being quite healthy.

But from what I've learned from the program as well, there, there was a lot more than just that involved. So addressing that, that weight loss has been you know, was a big consideration for me.

[00:05:05] Removing the Guesswork

Rebecca Hassett:  At night my partner and I will always have that question. I'm sure other people share it to is, like, "What do you feel like for dinner? What do you want for dinner tonight?"

And it would actually cause just a bit of resentment and tension, and I think part of it was also because we were tired, but then also wanting direction, and knowing whether what we were eating was right for us was good for us or not.

So I really was looking for a program that would give some guidance with that and help take some of the guesswork out of things, give us a bit of structure.

I, in my work, in my physical activity as well, I just, what was sort of becoming a bit of an issue for me with some tension and pain in my neck and my shoulder.

[00:05:46] Positive Experience with the 28-Day Detox Program

Rebecca Hassett: So my experience with the program was positive from the beginning. Even just in making the general inquiry to have a chat with Danette about whether the program was right for me or not.

So I found that a great introduction to it and probably gave me extra confidence in terms of you know, that it was a good fit for me.

Then also, from the beginning too, I really appreciated the amount of content that we were given. So in the portal that we're able to go through ourselves and then also the live Zooms with Jo, where we could do those sort of, we did hot seats and we could go through and share our personal situation, but also like from everyone else's as well.

The Facebook group was fantastic. I really value the support of the community and I just found, there was so much support, beautiful people, different journeys, different backgrounds, situations but a real genuine care in there. So that was fantastic.

And again, learning so much even when it comes down just to like making your pancakes as well. So starting off with very creative looking ones. People are sharing tips.

But so, the food prep side of things, the mindset side of things. That was a great addition to it as well.

The doctors were just beautiful too, so I really valued having those one-on-one consults with them. So Dr. Madhavi, Dr. Kavita, just really supportive in inviting us there, encouraging us along the way as well. I really value that.

[00:07:32] 13 Kilograms Weight Loss So Far

Jo Formosa: So tell us a little bit about the results from your program.

Rebecca Hassett: Result wise from the program, I'm really happy.

I gained more from it. It delivered more than I was anticipating.

So initially I thought maybe there might be a bit of weight loss and in my head I had like maybe five kilos [eleven pounds]. But then someone had put out there, you know, 10 kilos [22 pounds] and I thought that would be amazing. 15 kilos, my goal all up, but I was looking, sort of long term with that.

But on the program, in the five weeks, I lost 10 kilos [22 pounds], which just blew me away, without feeling hungry or deprived. And then since then, a few weeks on, I've lost a few more, so now I'm 13.1 [29 pounds]. And I just feel I've a lot of tools now where I can, you know, manage that myself and keep going and hit 15 as a goal. It's just around the corner, so I know that's doable.

Some of the other results I got were definitely less puffiness and fluid retention in my legs. My sinuses are much clearer, so I'm breathing a lot better while I'm sleeping, while I'm doing yoga.

[00:08:42] Increased Energy, Reduced Pain, Improved Recovery...

Rebecca Hassett: I also went for a walk the other day with a girlfriend and we were hitting a few hills and chatting all the way, and normally it would've been quite hard for me to maintain a conversation doing that, but I just noticed that that was a lot easier for me.

I've loved the food and just exploring different flavors and I found the menu's great structure to go from, but now I'm kind of getting a bit creative with things as well. Taking on a lot of what we learned start coming up with my own concoctions, depending on what's available in the fridge or how much time I've got to prep food.

I'm also noticing my energy on the whole has improved. I'm more balanced, mood wise. I'm happier generally.

My health, I'm generally pretty good when it comes to colds and flu, but I just feel I've got additional protectional support there. I'm feeling much lighter and my body is moving better, so in yoga, I'm noticing more flexibility, I'm noticing more strength is coming too.

When I wake up in the morning and my feet hit the floor, I used to get a bit of pain around my feet. I haven't had that since early into the program, which is really cool.

My left shoulder, I've still got some pain and tension there, but nowhere near as much as I had when I started it.

And I feel like my body just bounces back faster from things. So even if I've done a workout at the gym or a pretty intensive yoga session or swim, I feel like I'm recovering better from it.

Yeah, so lots of great results and I just feel that I'm still on the journey. I'm still discovering those results and it's just gonna keep getting better.

But also I can see how long-term, this is now a part of my life and I'm really happy with the way it's feeling.

[00:10:39] Easy to Recommend Health Dynamics

Jo Formosa: What would you say to somebody, and what would be your wisdom for somebody who's considering the program but is like sitting on the fence?

Rebecca Hassett: So in terms of recommending the program or thoughts for someone who's considering the program, it's definitely, have a think about your life and what you want out of your life, what you want it to look like and what would help you, you know, in that direction.

Definitely go ahead and book the consultation and just have a chat to somebody who knows the program.

You know, discuss whatever it is that might be on your mind and just find out whether it actually is a fit for you or not.

With this, it was a consideration for me and I had had an experience with other programs, so it was, and based on feedback that I gained from others, I could see how different it was from everything else that I tried before where maybe you'd have some short term success, but it really wasn't giving you enough structure or education to really set things up on a long-term path and change things and reset that, you know, so that then becomes a new version of you and new habits, and new behaviours so that you're not bouncing back and just falling back into old practices.

So, yeah, it is a different program from others out there. And even if you haven't had success with other programs, it's not to say that you wouldn't have success with this one. So it's great. Just keep an open mind, have a chat, and yeah, find out if it is a fit or not.

Thank you. I'm so grateful to you guys, like you're a beautiful team and it's, it's just been a positive experience all around with everybody that I've had, you know, come in contact with at Health Dynamics.

It's really beautiful so it's easy to recommend.