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Discover your path to total health

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Clear the fog. Unblock the

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Know what goes in.

What stays out, specific to your

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Win at life.

Achieve what matters,

without overheating.


What they don't teach you.

Provoke the body to heal and

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Each body type has a unique

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Restore yourself, on command,

then do more.

What is your health level?

Do you know your own body and mind type?


A world leader in Health + a world leader in Wealth,

joining forces to deliver the answers we’ve been waiting for.

Renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner, Jo Formosa, and the founder of the Wealth Dynamics Personality profiling system, Roger James Hamilton, joined forces to create the first and only integrated health and personality test in the world, to reveal to your personal path to total health and prosperity.

“Ayurveda is ‘the science of life’ and attaining optimal health, is your greatest form of wealth”

Jo Formosa

Discover your personalised path to your best health, happiness, fitness, diet and shape.

Test & Report pack $97 USD













How does Health Dynamics test work?

Health Dynamics is part of a family of profiling tools that have been used by over 500,000 people around the world to find and follow their flow. This is the first system to link your health (what naturally gets your body in flow), your wealth (what naturally gets your mind in flow) and your happiness (what naturally gets your spirit into flow).

Sometimes a program (such as weight loss) fails not from a lack of desire or willpower, but because we are missing a vital puzzle piece.

Each of us nurtures our health differently. This is because we have specific body types as well as specific personalities. When you combine the Health Dynamics Profile Test with the Wealth Dynamics Personality Profile Test, you’ll finally be armed with correct knowledge about both.

Then you’ll know how to get ideal results in any program you choose. Are you best in a group, or more effective alone? Are you quietly motivated by stats and figures, or from the loud camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts?


10 Body Types, 8 Mind Types = 80 Unique Combinations.

What is your Unique Combination?

Health Dynamics accurately identifies which of 10 body types you have. These are the same ten ‘health profiles’ within Ayurveda (which means “the science of life”).

By knowing your Health Profile, you can find your natural path to maximise your energy and minimize your stress. You will discover which foods to eat and which to avoid, the most natural way to get fit, stay healthy and sleep well, how to naturally lose or gain weight, what conditions affect your health and why.

Wealth Dynamic’s identifies which of the 8 personality profiles is your natural path to follow in wealth and life. Gain clearer direction in your job, business and investments. Don’t make things hard work, instead follow your natural genius and create more flow? Learn when your winning formula becomes your losing formula through the cycle of time

Test & Report pack $137 USD

Gillian Andale

Jo Formosa and the staff at Health Dynamics and Back2Health are extremely gifted, experienced and caring. Her knowledge of alternative and traditional medicines is phenomenal and she is able to really get to the issues causing poor health -- far better than the battery of tests that regular doctors order. Her insights put me back on a path of wellness which the other practitioners failed to do

Tunbridge Wells, UK Business Owner, Love2Last & Project Director

And when the test is done?

First step is the facts. Next is the action.

Jo Formosa, a life changing health practitioner, shows how your knowledge and you can fully come to life

The test is a powerful stepping stone for total health and prosperity. Dynamic wellness and a brighter future await, as Jo guides you to a more excellent physical and mental state. In addition, you’ll gain special access to a worldwide community after the very same things as you -- vibrant people eager to share their experiences, adventures and personal insights on what it took for them to live more fully and how you can too.

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