Health Dynamics Certified Coach 6-Month Mastermind Program
Let us help you get maximum benefit from your certification
  • Twice-monthly  live Mastermind sessions
  • Combining training and Q&A
  • One session on Mindset/ coaching 
  • One session on Business/Marketing
  • Flexible curriculum based on what the participants request
  • All sessions recorded and archived for your reference
  • Work with you for success strategies
Your offer details
  • Six-month program
  • Includes:
    • Mastermind content as above and archives
    • 25 free Health Dynamics Tokens (resale value of $2425. Sell them with a Health Dynamics Debrief @ $150+ each = $3750)
  • Total Price $12,000 Only $USD5,000
  • BONUS - Join before the end of this weekend (July 3) and you’ll get a bonus Two-on-One One-hour Strategy Session with Jo and Brett (Value $X,000)
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA - Sign up for Cruise Control (our new 12-month health maintenance program) for only $1000 (save $950)
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NB - In case you are wondering, your 12 month duration of the program will commence when we start the program next month, not from the date of purchase.