The NEW Way to View Your Health

Have a personalised Health program that looks at YOUR Body and Mind

The complete Health program for gaining a Healthy Body and Mind

Don't settle for weight gain, pain and frustration with your health again.

Make the next year your most productive yet.

You don't need more Fad diets.... you need Personalised Health Implementation.

Are you tired of feeling like you are always in pain? That you are on a constant hamster wheel when it comes to getting results with your health?

Like you can't function and live your life feeling "Normal".

The truth is you may have already gotten results from the 28-day detox and by working with the Health Dynamics Team.

You may feel the best you have in a long time.

But when it comes to maintaining YOUR results or getting more in-depth results, can you get this done without knowing the next steps?

Do you want to keep the results you have and get even better results over the next year?

Do you want to keep the results you have and get even better results over the next year?


How often do you mentally high-five yourself for nailing your daily goals and making clear, visible progress?

How often do you flop on the couch at the end of the day with an exhausted sigh, a chattering mind and feeling like your body is against you?

How often do you catch yourself in the fridge eating, or drinking, something that isn't good for your body?

We all know what it's like: even if you have the best intentions, it's so easy to get distracted and fall off the bandwagon.

You come home stressed and overwhelmed and go to the kitchen for one biscuit as a treat. Before you know it' you've eaten a whole bag of chips, chocolates and a bottle of wine.

And sometimes, you're too tired, or into much pain to bother. You know it's important, but you don't have the energy to do more, so you become disappointed with yourself.

Or you have loved ones that don't understand the journey you are on, and you feel like you are alone.

All these behaviours are understandable: In fact, they're completely normal, these days.

But let's be real: If you want to take your health to the next level, something has to change.

Why one size fits All health won't work

The problem is: A lot of Health advice out there has failure built into it.  Why?

It's one size fits all

Because it is not personalised to YOUR body and mind type, it is usually a one size fits all model that doesn't work for YOU. 

It looks at the Symptoms

In most western models, health looks at the symptoms and treats them, without looking at the cause. Meaning the cause of the problem continues to grow larger and affect your health in more ways.

It's only answer is medication

Most likely, you will be taking a form of medication that will reduce the symptoms. Allowing the cause of the problem to still affect your health without you even knowing it. 

You need to fit in

If you want to make progress and get your health to an optimum state, you need more than ordinary Health advice designed for YOU to fit into it.
Instead, Health advice needs to fit into your individual needs.

The future of Your Health

The future of your health is one that is a concern worldwide.

  • With the rise of obesity-related diseases, an increase of 30% to 42.4% worldwide. It costs the average person over $15, 000 more in medical costs than those of normal weight.
  • Heart disease is now ranked as one of the number 1 cause of deaths.
  • Arthritis now affects 1 in 6 adults.
  • Chronic Disease is the cause of 9.6 million deaths, with 1/3 of these being from the 5 leading behavioural and dietary risks. Which are high body mass index, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, and alcohol use.

Time, Money and the Stress of having to manage a more chronic disease comes with the territory of being unhealthy.

Plus the freedom that it takes from you enjoying your life. Even the simplest of things such as dinner with friends, or enjoying a movie with family are affected when your Health is at risk.


I've designed the Health circle to treat the cause of Health related issues before it gets to the stage where you are losing the quality of life. 

The first step is to know your body and mind type and how these affect your health. Until you do so, nothing else will work for you. No other kind of fad or health advice will make a difference if you don't know what WORKS for you. You may not even know that there is something wrong......

That takes us to the  Health Circle.

Why is Personalised Health the BEST Health Model

Having more personalised health is a way to take your own unique body and mind types into factor while treating the CAUSE of any symptoms you may have.

Be Free From Pain

The Health Circle is designed so you can be free from pain and disease. While having more energy and enjoying the time you have with loved ones.

Like Your Reflection

It's about looking in the mirror and liking what you see reflected at you (This isn't based on weight).

Feel less Frustrated

It's feeling less frustrated, as you discover what works for your body. And how you can stop the constant chatter of your mind, so you don't have anything holding you back.

The Health Circle

The only Circle to Be in........



$3207.60 FP

Health Spectrum Test

Health Dynamics Test

Customised Consultation

The Mindset Cheat code

Tailor made Herbs x 4

The Health blueprint

Private Facebook community

Membership portal


$697/Month x 12

$7527.60 FP

Health Spectrum Test

Health Dynamics Test

Customised Consultation

The Mindset Cheat code

Tailor made Herbs x 5

The Health blueprint 

Private Facebook community

Membership portal

Initial consult with Jo Formosa

28-Day Detox

LIVE Mindset Reset Call


$1597/ Month x 12

$17,247.60 FP

Health Spectrum Test

Health Dynamics Test

Customised Consultation

The Mindset Cheat code

Tailor made Herbs x 6

The Health blueprint 

Private Facebook community

Membership portal

Initial consult with Jo Formosa

28-Day Detox

LIVE Mindset Reset Call

Tele Health Access

7 Day Retreat

HD Conference

End of year Review by Jo Formosa

Jo Formosa

Jo Formosa is an engaging and inspiring practitioner and International speaker with 25 years experience, incorporating her extensive knowledge across many different genres including Ayurveda medicine, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, remedial massage diet and nutrition and neuro-strategies.

Specialising in serious health conditions – from cancer and digestive disorders to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune problems – she has a knack for intuitively understanding the body and reversing even the most complex problems.

Jo is the Clinical Director of Back2health “Ayurvedic Practice” in Brisbane, which she established 15 years ago. Jo partnered together with internationally-acclaimed wealth expert Roger James Hamilton, she has also co-created Health Dynamics - the world’s first system to link your health (what naturally gets your body in flow), your wealth (what naturally gets your mind in flow) and your happiness (what naturally gets your spirit into flow). This allows users to find out where they are on the health spectrum – and ultimately make their way higher, to better health and wellbeing.

Clinical Director and Co-owner of health dynamics 360

Dr Madhavi Kathiria

Dr Madhavi

Senior Aryuveda Doctor

Dr Kavita Parekh

DR Kavita

Senior Aryuveda Doctor

Jessica Mae Vedrio


 Community Support

Our Health Circle Team

Join Over 3000 Happy Customers

My Weight Is Down 19.5 KG

I have so much more energy and am confident that I can have a healthier life.

After many years, I am below a BMI of 30 at 29.17, so officially not obese!! So many results.

Lost weight, decreased and came off medications, energy is higher, sleep is better, joint pain dramatically became less, the clicks in my hip ( I had a hip replacement in July 2019) aren't as noticeable when I walk.  My ankles and legs no longer swell as much and I don't have to wear compression socks. 

Peter Lynagh // CEO & Founder of the Academy for Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs Ltd

I am so impressed I got these results......

I have lost 5 kg so far, got a flat stomach now and so much more energy!

I feel like my old self again.  All I did was Listen and didn't exercise intensely, just daily walks and ate for my body type as Jo instructed.

Mansata Kuran  //  UK

I was 126.5 KG now I'm 97 KG

I have abundant energy, low stress, no cravings, no bowel intolerance, sleep apnoea is gone, joint pain is better, glucose is normal  and my cholesterol is normal.

Steve Psardellis  //  CEO 

What the Makes Health circle different

I want to set the right expectations here. The Health circle is not what you would expect from your typical average Health program.

Health circle is not a passive information download.

This is not about sitting back and learning a bunch of theory and then doing nothing with it. This is an implementation focused program.

The purpose isn't to open the portal once and never look at it again. It's designed to guide you through your unique health and lead you to results.

Don't sign up if you are not ready to change your health.

Health Circle guides you to find the CAUSE, not the symptoms. So you can take charge of your health. Your doctors guide you on this path and give you the tools and education, so your health goes to the next level.

Health circle is a Community.

Deepak Chopra says if you do something by yourself, you have 45% chance of achieving results.

If you do something with a friend, you achieve better results.

And if you do something with a group or a community, you have 65% achievement result.

This is why he advocates programmes that run as a community. The Health Circle is a supportive community. Designed to support each other to get results, to talk to one another and your doctors and to work together to change your health.

Health Circle

The Health Circle is designed with YOU in MIND and is one of a kind in that it supports your Mind and Body to achieve greater Health. 

  1. 1
    1:1 Customised Consultations- You very OWN Live 1:1 calls with your Doctor to diagnose the CAUSE of your Health not the Symptoms.
  2. 2
    Tailored HerbsCustomised Herbs to go deep in your system and work with your body and mind type. 
  3. 3
    Mindset Cheat CodeMonthly Lessons from Jo Formosa, covering your Mindset and your psychology. How you can change your thoughts, actions and results. 
  4. 4
    Health Blue Print Monthly Lessons from Jo Formosa, covering your Physiology. How you can change your body and Health to work for you.
  5. 5
    Mindset Reset Live CallsLIVE MINDSET and coaching Calls with Jo Formosa, see how you can overcome your thoughts and work on areas you never thought possible. 
  6. 6
    Facebook community- Your own support network of other participants in the Health circle and Doctors in the program. 
  7. 7
    Membership Portal- The Netflix for Health, your membership portal houses all your Monthly lessons, cooking videos, meditations, recipes PLUS past months for you to view. 

The Best Time to Start Getting Healthy is Now!

Have a personalised Health program that looks at YOUR body and Mind so you can maintain the results you have worked so hard to get AND get deeper results for your Health. Don't ignore your Health and your Freedom any longer. 

Health Circle

Boost Your Mind and Body


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you follow the advice of your doctors and take the herbs, we guarantee you will achieve your desired Health results.

Jo Formosa

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any age do this program?

YES, it doesn't matter what age you are or gender. This program is designed personally for YOU. We have 80 year olds that are in the best health of their LIFE.

What if I feel healthy already?

The Health circle is for anyone on any level of Health. The great thing is helping you to get EVEN better results and maintaining these results. 

What if I'm not good at Facebook or Technology?

We have a dedicated team ready to walk you through the technology side and we have made the Health circle USER friendly. Anyone can use our Health Circle portal.

Why is it a year long program?

Your body is an amazing machine and to get the BEST results, release toxins and realign your health. 1 year is the perfect time to do this in. PLUS it allows you to form a HABIT.

Will this work for me?

YES, as long as you apply what your doctor advises and take your Herbs. You've seen the results you can get in 28 days- imagine a YEAR.

Where do the Herbs come from?

YES, as long as you apply what your doctor requires and take your Herbs. You've seen the results you can get in 28 days- imagine a YEAR.

Why is it in USD?

Health Dynamics 360 is a WORLD WIDE company, we have customers all over the globe. To keep this fair we only charge USD. 

Do I have to do a consultation each month?

This program is to go as slow or as fast as you feel. However having a consultation each month ensures you have the best results. If you miss a month you can not redeem it later. 

How do the Herbs work?

After your monthly consultation a prescription will be sent out to the Ayurshakti team, who will then send out your herbs to your registered address. Please note any EXTRA herbs brought will incur a charge.

Will I get value from group calls?

YES! We find that you will often get MORE value form group calls, as Jo coaches someone else it will bring up things you may have been subconsciously holding onto that you wouldn't have thought to discuss before. 

Who will be my Doctor?

We have senior Fully qualified Ayurvedic Doctors, who are also trained by Jo. We take pairing you with your doctor seriously and based on your current Health problems and where you want to go. 

What countries can we not deliver to?

Currently we can not deliver to 

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