Stay On Top of Your Health
By Putting It On Autopilot

Maintain a 'Healthy Glow’ all year round.

Remember the last time you felt vital and full of life? Remember how you felt more energetic, more flexible, more restful and generally just more healthy?

Do you feel that same way now? If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve probably had stages in your life where you felt on top of the world. You had energy to burn and felt resilient and resourceful in day-to-day life.

But maybe you've gone backwards a little. Or possibly a lot. Maybe some of your health-giving routines have been forgotten. Perhaps some unsupportive cravings have crept in. Or maybe you’re relying more on fast food than you should.

We get it. It’s not easy staying healthy in an unhealthy world, especially when you’re surrounded by others who don’t value health as highly as you do.

We’ve got your back and we're ready to help you get back on your Ultimate Health Success Path.

Health Dynamics Success Path

Health Dynamics Success Path

Give Yourself the

Standard of Health You Deserve

You may or may not know from experience the promise that an Ayurvedic lifestyle holds, but here's just a taste of what's possible:

  • More energy
  • Reduced weight
  • More flexibility
  • Better sleep
  • Glowing complexion
  • Better circulation
  • Feel stronger
  • Healthy gut
  • Better cardio function
  • A healthy and healthful appetite
  • Stronger libido
  • Regular menstrual cycle (without pain)

  • Less gastric reflux

  • A sharper mind

  • More confidence

  • Reduced constipation

  • More stamina

  • Look and feel more youthful

Introducing Health Dynamics

'Highway to Health'


our brand-new programs designed to help you stay on the path of Total Health.

Available in four different options, our Highway to Health options includes these powerful features (options vary per program. Please check the itemised lists below):

12 Months of Health Support

Our team has your back for the entire year.

Annual 28-Day Detox

Commit to a detox ahead of schedule to keep yourself on track

Regular Ayurvedic Checkups

Monthly or quarterly checkups with our Ayurvedic Doctors. 

Monthly Mindset Lessons*

Pre-recorded sessions with Jo Formosa giving you the Neurostrategy advantage to your health and wellbeing.

Mindset Foundations Program

12 monthly lessons designed to give you the mental edge needed to create a new health identity for yourself.

Ayurvedic Foundations Program (Physiology)

12 monthly lessons to deepen your understanding of your body type and why your body works the way it does.

Neurostrategy Coaching*

Group coaching sessions with Jo Formosa to give you the edge personally and professionally.

Success Coaching

Group coaching sessions with our Health Dynamics Certified Coaches to keep you inspired and on track with your health and fitness goals.

Ayurvedic Herbs*

Four personalised Ayurvedic medicinal herb packets sent each month to support you in your program. 

10-Day Detox

The high-powered detox for busy people, done on your schedule and supervised by your Ayurvedic Doctor.

Discounted Bali Retreat

Save up to $800 on our twice yearly Health Dynamics Retreats at Vision Villas, in tropical Bali.

Facebook Community

Peer support from your Health Dynamics Private Facebook Community

*Features vary per program. Items marked with a * are only available on some programs. Please check the itemised lists below.

Marie Forleo Consistency Quote
Mahatma Gandhi - Health Quote

We’re Taking Ayurveda Back To Its Roots

Did you know that Ayurveda is the most ancient, and possibly the only true ‘health science’?

Unlike modern medical and therapeutic practices, Ayurvedic ‘Vaidyas’ (practitioners) were engaged by Kings and Queens to keep them and their subjects healthy. They would have regular checkups with the Vaidyas to ensure that health issues were addressed well before they became symptomatic.

Now it’s your turn to treat yourself like royalty and give yourself the great health you so richly deserve.

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When You Consider How Much It Costs To Be Unhealthy,

Your Highway to Health Program Will Pay For Itself In Savings.

You already know what better health feels like and you know what it takes to get it. Let us be your ‘partner in health’ for the next 12 months.

NB - Health Dynamics gives no undertaking as to specific results you may or may not achieve by participating in these programs.

Jo Formosa
Co-Founder Health Dynamics, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Jo Formosa is a world-renown health practitioner specializing in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Neuro-Strategies

Jo is a sought-after speaker and has inspired audiences throughout the world, empowering them to find their own personal path to health.

She is a regular guest on major media outlets, sharing the benefits of ancient health practices for the modern lifestyle.


Jo Formosa Media Appearances

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