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Become a Health Dynamics Certified Coach

Discover the unique personal pathway you can provide your clients to gain optimal health while growing a lucrative health practice using proven methods.

Developed by Doctors of Ayurveda with over 50 years experience and top experts in their fields.

Want to fast track your business? 

Create your own health coaching business or supplement your existing health practice or coaching practice. 

Learn how to integrate the Wealth Dynamics Profile and the ancient knowledge of Health Dynamics using the science of Ayurveda. Discover how people can have their own personalised path to health.

We Take You Beyond Health

You will learn how to debrief a client using the Health Dynamics profiling system in a way that your client can have personalised path to health. You will be armed with a tool to give your business a whole lift and grow your business with real results for your clients. 

With more than 5,000 years of research and experience behind it, Ayurveda (the science of life) has proven time and again that it provides consistent personal health results. Combine this ancient science with the Chinese philosophy of the I-Ching - how the mind and body works in flow, and you have a life-changing system that has the power to impact the health of the world.

Transformational Health Outcomes

Unique Ayurveda Practices

Ayurveda Doctors Over 50 years experience

Powerful Conceptual Tools

The Science of Life

Cure the Cause Not the Symptoms

World-class education, systems and resources.

Roger Hamilton and Jo Formosa

Get our proven systems integrating the best in Ayurvedic practices, from Doctors with over 50 years experiences who are renowned in their field and more. Plus integrating your mind type and how the mind affects our health.  This is the 1st system in the world to do this 

Health Dynamics Retreat

Our exclusive connected community of high-performance health experts gives you an instant network of support for your personal and professional growth. We are stronger together.


In this program, you get coached by an experienced practitioner or consultant. You have a coach who has the experience of treating many thousands of people worldwide. You learn with this experience, and you grow faster and learn through their wealth of knowledge.

Learn how to detect disease before a client even shows symptoms 

Meet your Leaders

Jo Formosa

Renowned Ayurvedic practitioner,  media personality and speaker, Jo Formosa is the mastermind behind this course. She has helped thousands of people around the world lead a more vibrant and healthy life and is now leading the way to training others to achieve these goals.

Jo Formosa is the CEO and Co-creator of Health Dynamics. She is a leading expert in the Alternative Health Industry and has over twenty years of experience as practitioner and speaker in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Remedial Massage and Neuro-strategies.

Jo has never been afraid of disrupting the traditional medicine models to heal people individually. The key is treating the cause and not the symptoms.

Dr Rajen Coopan

Dr Rajen Cooppan (MBChB,MD) is a medical doctor specialising in Nutritional & Integrative Medicine. He trained in Ayurveda in the traditional Master-Disciple system and has been in clinical practice for 40 years, using his vast experience in helping people regain their health and wellness.

He completed his postgraduate degree (Doctor of Medicine MD) in 1990. He developed the Foundation Training In Clinical Ayurveda in Australia and has trained over 180 health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

He is currently the Medical Director of Wellness On The Go – an Integrative / Natural Medicine Practice in Durban, South Africa.

Roger Hamilton

Roger is a world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur who mentors Entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow.

Roger is the Founder and Chairman of Genius Group, a $300+ million group of companies leading the entrepreneur movement. Genius Group includes GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts.

Entrepreneurs Institute operates the worlds leading entrepreneur assessment tools such as Wealth & Talent Dynamics and Entrepreneur Dynamics.

Roger co-created Health Dynamics with Jo Formosa 

Create Your Dream Practice

Deliver superior patient care with the science of life and 5000 year old practices that will transform your own health and the health of your clients and your  business. 

Deepen relationships with your clients

Discover the knowledge of the world's oldest system of healthcare

Learn how the mind can be integrated into health

Peter Solway

I Joined the Health Certification to expand my ability to understand and work with people effectively.

By doing the Certification, I received a more effective way of understanding myself and others, and a deeper understanding of how to effectively use Ayurveda to support my life.

In my business by doing the Certification enhanced my hiring and conflict resolution process. I Came out of it with the ability to run a workshop around Ayurveda and Talent Dynamics. 

Which has been quite valuable as I’ve run a few of these at various yoga studio environments.

Lynardia Groubert

The Health Dynamics Practitioner Certification program has taught me to be a better guide to others on their personalized path to their best health.   I desired to cultivate a deeper understanding of Ayurveda principles as a tool to improve what I otherwise might have been missed during the debriefing process.  

Unlike modern medicine, there are subtle nuances that can make all the difference; and as a practitioner, I desired to develop a keener eye to catch what otherwise I may have missed during a debriefing.  And have the knowledge to ask better questions.  Personally, the course has been a gift of knowledge that will continue to expand with my continued experiences.

Martin Young

This program has been a valuable addition to my training. The course also details the relationship between Mind Type and Body Type which has not only improved my understanding of this but has also enabled me to support others in the development of their health journey. With the continued support of the Health Dynamics team, I am now able to engage with fellow program participants and clients in discussions regarding their body type profile and journey through the health spectrum. I would highly recommend this course as it has not only improve your personal knowledge and understanding but also enable you to help and support others.

Everything you need to become a 

Health Dynamics Certified Coach 

16-week online course   

($5000 Value)

World class mentors with over 50 years of experience as Ayurveda doctors deliver this 16-week online course.  16 modules that give you everything you need to build the foundation of being a high performing health coach. 

12 LIVE webinars

Join Jo Formosa for exclusive online webinar to develop your skills and unpack your course.  This is where you take action in a coached program. 

($10,000 USD Value)

25 Free Health Dynamics Tokens

($2425 USD Value)

Take your clients to the next level as they discover their body and mind type with a full 32-page report. Give the tokens away or sell them and keep the profit.

Your Own Private Facebook group

($500 USD Value)

Our exclusive community of high-performance health experts gives you an instant network of support for your personal and professional growth. We are stronger together.

Discounts on Health Dynamics products

($1000 + USD Value)

EXCLUSIVE discounts on our Health Dynamics products  for yourself and to offer your clients so they can have holistic health and create results that will last.

Affiliate payments for personal sale of Health Dynamic products for your clients

($15,000 USD Value)

Receive our EXCLUSIVE affiliate program for products that your clients use. Earn money as you change their health. 

Health Dynamics Micro-degree

($250 USD Value)

Take our Micro-degree to extend your knowledge on health and how you can better serve your clients.  

Toxicity Test

($1000 USD Value)

Define all the possible ways of identifying toxicity in the body.  This topic is one of the most important for you as a Health Dynamics Certified Coach and you will learn how you can assess someone's toxicity level and where to take them next.

Plus These Added BONUSES

Discount on our 28-Day Detox

($500 USD Value)

Rediscover what real health feels like with our signature detox program that delivers lasting benefits (and even includes maple syrup in the eating plan!)
NB - It is a requirement to graduate as a Health Dynamics Certified Coach for you to complete at least one of our 28-Day Detox programs.

Healthy You, Healthy Business

($1000 USD Value)

5-day training where I take you through how you can not only be healthy, but upscale your business or work. Get some much more productive that it will be like cloning yourself. 

5 Star Health Challenge

($1000 USD Value)

5-day challenge where I take you on a 5 day journey so you can lose weight, be free from pain and learn more how to transform your health. 

Impossible-to-Possible Challenge

($1000 USD Value)

5-day training in your own portal where I take you through how you can create your future vision and goals you want to achieve; the ones you never thought were possible. 

That's over $30,000 USD of  VALUE

for only $5000 USD

This Health Dynamics Certification is perfect for you NOW if:

You want to learn how you can treat the cause of your clients health problems

You want to develop a more personalised health journey for your clients

You believe in investing in your health and furthering your education on health.

You want to integrate the mind type to your client's health.

You want to learn 5000 year old practices and knowledge.

You want to fast track your business.

You want the same results for your clients as Health Dynamics has

You are already a business or life coach and you want that extra edge 

This Health Dynamics Certification is NOT for you if:

You aren't ready to change or be coached to further you knowledge on health

You're comfortable with your practice or clients staying the same. 

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Health Dynamics Certifications?

This is an 16-week online program that fully encompasses how you can work with a client's body and mind. Everything you need is on your own online portal.

Does age matter?

No, we have CEO'S who are 70 years young who are doing this program to bring more value to their clients.

How do I get my resources?

Everything you need will be in your own private portal so you can access everything with ease.

What degree or type of health practitioner do I need to be?

We work with health practitioners, coaches, yoga teachers, people in the fitness industry. Anyone that wants to take their client's health to the next level by integrating the world's oldest continuous health science, Ayurveda.

When is the Health Dynamics Certification?

Our certification program runs twice a year. Contact us to find out when our next one is.

How much does this cost?

The Health Dynamics Certified Coach Program is $5000 USD and has inclusions valued at over $30,000 USD.

Get the Health Practice you've always dreamed of

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