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What is your Health profile?

Your personalised profile (or Body type)  will give you clear directions on what path to follow to gain optimum health, maximise your energy and minimise your stress. 

Get your FREE Health profile worth $97 USD and then join ME on one of my LIVE Workshops based on your profile.

Once you do our Health Dynamics Test you will join the RIGHT Workshop for your Body Type on the 15, 16, 17th of August at 6pm AEST

Do you Answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you wanting to lose weight and achieve a HEALTHY weight?

Do you feel tired and want to improve your energy levels?

Do you want to know what is right for your BODY type?

Do you want to be healthier so you can enjoy outings more?

Do you know you health could be better but not sure where to start?

Do you experience pain in your body and want to be free to walk, hike, jog, or run?

Have you had a Stroke, Diabetes, Allergies, or a Health condition that is stoping you from being healthy?

Are you on medications that you want to come off?

To you want to be FREE from your own shackles and be YOU again?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above,  join me on one of my LIVE Workshops based on your Body Type.

What is the Health Dynamics Profile?

Health Dynamics accurately identifies which of 10 body types you have.

These are the same ten ‘health profiles’ within Ayurveda (which means “the science of life”).

By knowing your Health Profile, you can find your natural path to maximise your energy and minimise your stress. 

You will discover

  • Which foods to eat and which to avoid, 
  • The most natural way to get fit, 
  • Stay healthy and sleep well, 
  • How to naturally lose or gain weight, and
  • What conditions affect your health and why.

What works for one person may not work for another - we are all unique. And while you may have tried all the fad diets to lose weight or get healthy, if you are not taking the right steps for your body type then it will never work.

Once you discover your Body type and get your 32 page report.

You can then join me LIVE to deep dive into YOUR unique body type and what this means for your health.  

I used to be over 95kgs, in a lot of pain & exhausted.  This was when I decided to learn what was best for my Body and Mind type to lose weight Naturally.  

During the Workshop, You Will Discover How To:

  • Get clarity on what advice to take, what to leave, what opportunities to say ‘yes’ to and ‘no’ to.
  • Learn how you can be FULL of energy. From the time you wake until you go to sleep. 
  • Learn the BIGGEST mistakes and how to avoid them for your body type. 
  • Go back to feeling like YOU. The one that fits into those jeans you still have at the back of your closet.
  • Discover what your body type is and how eating and exercising for your body type allows you to lose weight naturally.  
  • Follow the right role models. Oprah achieved health very differently to Angelina Jolie.

Want to Lose Weight, Stop Bloating and Feel Good?

Meet Your Host!!!

Jo Formosa

Clinical Director and Co-created of Health dynamics 360

Jo Formosa is an engaging and inspiring practitioner and International speaker with 25 years experience, incorporating her extensive knowledge across many different genres including Ayurveda medicine, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, remedial massage diet and nutrition and neuro-strategies.

Jo is the Clinical Director of Back2health “Ayurvedic Practice” in Brisbane, which she established 15 years ago. Jo partnered together with internationally-acclaimed wealth expert Roger James Hamilton, she has also co-created Health Dynamics - the world’s first system to link your health (what naturally gets your body in flow), your wealth (what naturally gets your mind in flow) and your happiness (what naturally gets your spirit into flow). This allows users to find out where they are on the health spectrum – and ultimately make their way higher, to better health and wellbeing

Jo Formosa

Join 1,000s of others that have

done this successfully.

Tamsyn Rosenberg Testimonial

This Workshop is perfect for you NOW if:

You want to come off medication.

You want to lose weight and get to YOUR healthy weight.

You believe in investing in your health and wellbeing.

You want to have more energy.

You want to feel healthy.

You want to be able to Move without pain .

You're done giving up your time and personal freedom at the expense of your health.

This Workshop is NOT for you if:

You aren't ready to change your Health and your weight.

You're comfortable seeing yourself gain weight and become more unhealthy. 

Get the Health you've always DREAMED of and get back to being YOU

Freedom and Health are within 

your reach.

We have a proven path you can follow to eliminate overwhelm and get your health and weight back on track.

Even if all this Workshop did was ......

Help you lose 5- 10 kgs

Help you feel fit and healthy

Reverse the dial and get you back to feeling like YOU

Would it be worth spending a one hour on?

PS. This is just scratching the surface of what we've done for other clients.

Be FREE from pain and more ENERGY.

What Clients Say About Jo Formosa's Training:


Wasn't Getting Results That He Wanted

Martin Young Body Transformation

"My trainer turned to me in utter amazement and asked "So whats changed?" 

My body weight, fat mass, BMI, degree of obesity and metabolic age have all dropped significantly."


Didn't know where to start

"I lost 5 kgs so easily and finally got a FLAT stomach. And so much more ENERGY.

I feel like the old me again."


Was busy running a successful business

Peter Lynagh Body Transformation

"I have now lost 19.5 kgs and for the first time in many years I'm below a BMI of 30- 29.17. So I am officially not obese."


To Get The Results He Wanted

"I have now lost 20kgs, I have abundant energy, low stress and cravings. The pain in my shoulder has GONE, cholesterol and glucose is down and my cardiovascular has sky rocketed." 

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Workshop?

This is an online training, so grab your favourite herbal tea and watch from the comfort of your own home. 

Will there be a recording?

We recommend coming LIVE to get the most out of the training and interactions. For this reason we will not be doing a recording.

Does age or Health matter?

No, we have CEO'S who are 80 years and are now in the best shape of their life. Age is no concern when trying to get healthy. And that is what this training is for to help you move your health up a level so your business will follow.

How can I watch this?

All you will need is a computer and a FREE zoom account. Then pencil in the time and date and join us when the workshop is live

When is the Workshop?

Depending on your body type. Once you have done the body type test than you can join the right workshop for you. The Vata Workshop is on 26th July at 6 pm. The Pitta Workshop is on 27th July at 6pm and the Kapha workshop is on 28th July at 6pm. 

How long will the Workshop  be?

Each workshop will be around 1 hour long 

How much does this cost?

This Workshops are FREE

Reverse the clock and look and FEEL good.

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