How to Recover from Drinking Too Much (Using Ayurveda)

If you or someone you know have had a few too many drinks this festive season, it’s not too late to repair some of the damage.

Here’s my three-minute rundown of the two things you can do to stimulate your gut and your liver and to give yourself a good cleanse from the inside out.

Enjoy the festive season!!

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   Hello everybody. A new year is coming or you have had New Year. So we have the 31st of December, and for some reason our brain goes a little bit crazy. It's like at the end of the year,   I need to drink, I need to be in this season of celebration. , maybe you might over drink.  So if you have over drunk on Christmas or in New Year, what can you do?

You've put a lot of pressure on your liver. And your liver is an organ that detoxifies. If the liver is not working properly, then the rest of the body is not detoxifying. So what can you do? If you have a hangover, so, so many of my clients ask me this type of thing. The biggest thing you can do is you need to take something to help to clean out the liver.

So we use something called medicated water, which is cumin, coriander, and phenol. And you can get these in the seeds and that you can get them from the supermarket. So one teaspoon of cumin, one teaspoon of coriander. One teaspoon a fennel seed, and you put all of those together and you put it in a liter of water and you boil it on the stove for 10 minutes.

So what does this do to your body? Cumin is like a steroid on your gut, so it's cleaning and nourishing and cleansing your body coriander. Is really good for the liver, so it's cleansing the liver. Definitely if you've drunk too much, that is really important. The other thing is fennel is very good for your small intestine, but fennel is very cooling, so alcohol is very heating.

So if you drink a liter of this or two liters, if you've drunk too much, then this is gonna flush out your system.   Try not to eat much on that day because your body needs to flush it out and make sure everything can come together. The other thing that is really great for hangover is alovera juice, cause alovera juice is very cleansing and very healing to the body as well.

So these are two things that you could use if you have drunk too much and you might have a hangover or you're not feeling so great.   But remember you only get one body. You only get to live in here once the alcohol effect on your brain is killing brain cells and stopping you from thinking clearly, having good clarity and helping you focus on where you really want to go.

You might feel great in the moment, but later on you get the effects of that as well. So remember, one body, one time, one liver. So if you cleanse it, yes, but maybe think about also why are you needing to do it in the first place? Are you drinking alcohol because you can't manage your emotions? Are you drinking alcohol to be part of like society, or are you drinking alcohol to be able to, be in social settings because you can't deal with that.

Think about the reason you do it in the first place. So if you have already done it, don't worry, don't blame yourself. But always ask yourself, why do I need it in the. Yes. We wish you a very happy new Year. We know that 2023 is going to be amazing. Let's have a look at how you are gonna be your best self in 2023.

Take care everybody.

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to trying the medicinal water

    • Health Dynamics Support says:

      My pleasure Sharon. It’s a great tea to drink for detoxification – definitely worth trying. – Jo

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