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About the Health Dynamics Accelerator

Stay On Top of Your Health By Putting It Autopilot.

Our 12-month program created to help you make accelerated improvements to your health all year 'round.

6 Lessons

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Members Only Welcome

This is your go-to module anytime you aren't sure where to find anything or what's coming up.

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We're committed to your success on the program and have a team dedicated to guide you on your Cruise Control journey.

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Members Only Intake/Update Form

Please complete this form so your Doctor can prepare for your detox program consults.

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Find the details here to book your regular consult.

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Your Cruise Control membership entitles you to one 28-Day Detox during the course of your 12-month membership.

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You already know how powerful community is when you're reaching for your health goals and the Accelerator Program is no different.

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Members Only Health Spectrum Test

The Health Spectrum Test will help you assess your current state of health. Take the test as regularly as you like to see the progress you are making.

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Members Only Vikruti Test

Vikruti means the imbalance which obscures the natural, optimum relationship of the doshas.

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Here's a quick refresher on the lesson you may have learned about toxicity in the 28-Day Detox program. Plus our new Two-Minute Toxicity Test to you to assess your current toxicity load.

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Members Only Your Program Content

Use this lesson to access your program content.

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Members Only November 2022 Calls

About the Teacher

Jo Formosa

Founder of Health Dynamics 360 & Back2Health Clinics, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist,
Dip. App Science in Acupuncture,
Dip RMT,
Cert IV – Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
Member A.A.C.M.A

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