One woman’s life-long battle with psoriasis and eczema

I’ve had skin conditions for as long as I can remember. Right now, it’s on my face – around my eyes and my mouth – and it’s really red, sore and burning. It’s also on my hands, they are dry, red, swollen and cracked. A lot of the time I have to wear gloves, so I don’t touch anything and irritate it further.

I have had asthma and eczema all my life, also psoriasis until I was 18, then I got rid of it and didn’t have a problem for about 20 years - until it all came back. The last couple of years my skin seems to get worse and I have big blotches appearing on my face. This started happening when I was still working. I would I’d try to cover up the blotches with makeup, but it makes it worse. Now it makes me feel so bad. I don’t like going out, I don’t like seeing people.

We’ve tried all different doctors over the years and nothing has been of any help. As soon as we got rid of one problem area, immediately after, another one would arise somewhere else on my body.

I’ve tried every different cream in the chemist, I’ve been to GPs and skin specialists. At one point I was taking prednisone (internal steroids), it cleared up my skin issues, but I’ve heard it’s not something you can take long term.

My skin was bad, I started searching online for the next person to see - that’s where I came across Jo. I hadn’t really heard of Ayurveda before, but I have some Indian friends and it sounded really good – I was ready to try something more natural and it made sense to look at healing from the inside.

As soon as I met Jo she said she could clear up my skin, but that it would take quite a long time – a year or more. First thing she said she’ll treat is my gut. She put me on a special diet and I had to give up alcohol, sugar and dairy and stick to a healthy Ayurvedic diet.

The only thing that’s ever worked

It didn’t take too long to start seeing an improvement, after about six weeks the psoriasis on the lower part of my body disappeared and by the end of the year, my face and back was also clear.

Jo is the first person that has ever managed to clear up my whole body, I have such faith in her. When I was on the diet, I also felt a lot lighter. I lost about 8kg and felt really good. Also, previously I used to get colds all the time; for as long as I can remember I’ve had some kind chest infection, but in the last 12 months I’ve only had one. Something was really working well!

Unfortunately though, around Christmas I went off the diet, financially things were a bit tight and it was that time of year. About a month later the skin condition started on my face again. It hasn’t come back on my lower body, but I still feel frustrated and yucky.

Now I’ve decided to go back in and try again. Jo did tell me if I stayed on the diet for two years, it should clear it up for good. It just got tricky, we’re pensioners and it’s an eight-hour return trip to get to an appointment, but I knew I had to invest in my health.

Back on track now

Now I’ve decided I’m going back to Jo and will do this properly. I’ve ordered all my herbs again and I’m going to start straight away. I want to get back on my diet today, so within two weeks, when I have my appointment with Jo, she will see a difference already.

This is the first thing that has ever worked. I have a lot of faith in Jo, she has really done a lot of good and I know that this works. I am more determined this time!

If you want help

Here’s an article Jo Formosa has written which offers a lot more information about treating skin conditions.

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