Become a Health Dynamics Referral Partner
Now you can be rewarded for sharing the benefits of the Health Dynamics Programs. Following the simple steps below and we'll pay you up to 10% commission for sales on selected products to people referred by you to us.
1 - Enter your details below

2 - Check your email for your designated referral link

3 - Tell your friends about the benefits you have had from being on the Health Dynamic Programs and share the link for them to make their purchase or register for an event.

4 - We'll then pay you the applicable commission on each qualifying sale.
Please see below for the current terms and conditions prior to signing up.
Referral Partner Terms and Conditions
By becoming a Health Dynamics Referral Partner you agree that:

  1. You will refer Health Dynamics products and services in good faith and not make any misrepresentations or health claims beyond sharing the experiences you have had or witnessed in others.
  2. Referral commissions will be paid by us via Paypal into your Paypal Account in the month following a purchase made by a buyer using your unique referral link. If your commission balance is less than $100, your commission will be held until your balance exceeds $100. If a client is on a payment plan, commissions will be paid once the payment plan has been completed. If, for any reason a client is issued with a refund, a 'clawback' may be claimed and any commissions paid on the refunded amount will need to be returned to us.
  3. The commission rates vary from 0-10%, depending on the product. Commissions for the 28-Day Detox are 10% and on most longer term package programs are 5%. Commissions are not payable on clients who are returning to repeat the 28 Day Detox program.
  4. If a buyer has already been referred by another referral partner in the previous 12 months, the referral commission will be paid to the first referrer.
  5. These terms and conditions are subject to change and will be notified to referral partners as and when these changes take effect.
Any queries about the Health Dynamics Referral Program should be directed to