Understanding The Pitta Body Type

Irritated, impatient, intelligent and get ‘hangry’ if you miss a meal?
Ayurveda 360 Pitta

In Ayurveda, pitta is the dosha that controls our metabolic systems. This includes digestion, absorption, nutrition and our body’s temperature.

When pitta body types are in balance, they are content, passionate and ambitious.

Want to know if you are a pitta body type? Check out these 15 characterises and see if you relate to any of those over a vata or a kapha body type.

  1. Medium-size frame and weight, muscular. Sometimes have bright red hair, baldness and thinning hair
  2. Soft, pink skin, and penetrating eyes
  3. Small to medium teeth, which can be yellowish
  4. Average walking pace
  5. Competitive by nature, with good strength and endurance
  6. Sharp intellect and concentration, good general memory, clear voice
  7. Abundant energy and passion, direct and outspoken
  8. Angers easily and quick temper
  9. Likes things to be done systematically
  10. Strong appetite, can’t miss a meal, but good digestion. Be careful they may knock you over if they are hungry
  11. Doesn’t like dry and hot weather
  12. Have a warm body temperature
  13. Prefers cold food and drink, and eats at an easy pace
  14. Can save money, but likes to spend big
  15. Moderate/strong sex drive

When a pitta person is out of balance

If you are a pitta body type and your dosha is out of alignment you’ll tend to feel irritated and impatient. In this state you can be stubborn and dominating, and foster excessive perfectionist tendencies. When stressed, pittas can become workaholics.


When you are out of balance, pitta, you can develop health problems such as skin rashes, inflammation, rage and what feels like a never-ending hunger and thirst.

Here are some other common pitta health concerns:

  • Red, inflamed rash, acne, boils and cold sores
  • Reflux, ulcers and heartburn
  • Nausea or discomfort on missing meals
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive problems
  • Feeling heat in your body
  • Red, inflamed or light-sensitive eyes

So you’ve just discovered you’re pitta body type, but you might be feeling a little unbalanced?

No worries. Here’s how to balance your dosha, pitta, so you can get back to great health in no time.

Balancing your pitta dosha

To balance your body type, you’ll need to make lifestyle and food choices that are cooling, sweet, and soothing.

ACTIVITIES AND EXERCISE: Give yourself a break and allow some free time for yourself every day. It’s important that you don’t create extra pressure for yourself. Be kind to yourself and get more rest. Avoid exercising in the heat; water sports are the best to keep you cool.

FOOD: Whatever you do, don’t skip meals if you are a pitta body type. Waiting until you are really hungry isn’t a good idea either. Eat foods that sweet, bitter and astringent, and choose to eat more cooling foods such as cucumbers, sweet fruits and melons. Reduce foods that are pungent, salty and sour.

RELAXATION: Get out and about in nature, so go for walks in the rainforest or the bush. Walk next to or near water, for example, rivers, streams, the beach. Bring the outdoors in with plenty of plants and fresh flowers in your home and office.

DAILY REMENDY: Perform your own daily massage using oils such as coconut or olive. Or have regular massages. Laugh every day.

WARDROBE: Wear cool colours such as blue and green.

Now that you know what your body type is you can start to live in accordance with its principles.