How to Avoid a Food Coma at Christmas

With so much great food on offer at this time of the year, it’s easy to go overboard and suffer the effects of a food coma.

I’ve put together another quick video showing you what some of the good choices are that you can make to avoid ending up with a belly that feels like it’s half the size it needs to be.

Enjoy the festive season!!

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  Hello everybody and Merry Christmas. I want to just give you a few tips to help you at this time of year.

Lots of people have, you know, families to go to.  

There's lots of food,   there's lots of sweets,   there's lots of carbohydrate. There's things that you don't normally eat.

And what tends to happen is we over-indulge, we eat too much, we lay on the couch so full, and then feel so sick or so bloated, or put a lot of stress on our gut.

So some tips that you can do and some things that we teach in Health Dynamics is making sure that you are having these different principles, that if you apply these, it'll help you to deal with that overindulging.

So first of all, you know, just get a little plate. Instead of a big plate, maybe go for a little plate and look at what you're putting on the plate.

  Make sure there's a lot of vegetables or a lot of greens. That's number one.

The second thing is, we use ginger water. So ginger powder in hot water and when you actually put that in and have that and sip that after your meal, then it helps to stimulate the Agni, the digestive fire. When that digestive fire is cooking the food properly, you'll actually process and metabolize it.

But the other thing it does is it stops you from craving sweets. So when you do that, you actually don't feel like overindulging cause it changes at those taste buds as well.

The other thing is listen to your digestion. If you are full, then don't eat, skip breakfast and skip lunch or, you know, skip , breakfast and skip dinner and have like more of a bigger lunch.

They also say that in Ayurveda, the best time to eat your biggest meal is at the middle of the day. Why? Because the sun is at the highest, the digestive fire is at the highest, and you will metabolize that as well.

And the last point is, don't eat late at night. Definitely don't eat big meals late at night cause you're going to basically accumulate fat in your body, cause your body won't be able to break those things down and you will start storing fat as well.

So these are a few little tips to help you through this festive season. Try it, apply it and really make sure that you come out of this not feeling like, "I've just ruined everything," or, "I don't feel so good and I have to start all over again."

You can actually incorporate these different practices daily and don't have to feel bad about yourself at all.

  • mary Hendricks says:

    Thank you for these suggestions, Jo. I didn’t see it until after Christmas, but I will use the tips as I go into the new year!


    • Health Dynamics Support says:

      Hi Mary, Happy New Year to you.
      Yes absolutely, the definitely can carry through for the New Year. Starting off the year with great practices are so powerful. – Jo

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