How to Get Great Results From a 28-Day Detox

Weight loss is a pretty common goal amongst most of the population, but usually excess weight is symptomatic that there are other issues that need to be addressed as well.When Rebecca took part in our recent 28-Day Detox program, weight loss was certainly one of her goals, but she wanted to turn the tide on […]

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The Real Facts about Gut Health and Digestion

Every second health practitioner is talking about gut health these days. They are right to do so, but very few of them actually understand why gut health is so critical.For example, few can explain the connection between digestion and hormonal issues, or why someone might be susceptible to osteoporosis (it’s got a lot more to […]

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2 Food table ocassion

How to Avoid a Food Coma at Christmas

With so much great food on offer at this time of the year, it’s easy to go overboard and suffer the effects of a food coma.I’ve put together another quick video showing you what some of the good choices are that you can make to avoid ending up with a belly that feels like it’s […]

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